Revolutionary Electric Mini: Custom Sounds Take Center Stage!


Revolutionary Electric Mini: Custom Sounds Take Center Stage!

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The new Electric Mini will come with some custom sounds that are designed to provide a more immersive driving experience. Electric cars are great in terms of their performance, although they usually do not come with the same engaging sounds as petrol engines, Mini is looking to change this.

The carmaker has been working to create various custom sounds for its new electric Mini, this will include an unmistakable brand sound to distinguish it as a MINI in the exterior, jingles for the new MINI Experience Modes and sounds for warnings, and more.

The new sounds are an integral part of the digital experience and individually tailored to the character of each of the new models. They make an emotive appeal to the passengers in the interior while shaping the acoustic perception to the outside world. They also make it sound as well as look as unmistakably a MINI,” says Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design. These can be experienced for the first time in the new MINI Cooper Electric.

The new MINI Sound DNA is based on the essential brand values and exudes a positive, charismatic aura. The MINI Experience Modes become the stage for the completely newly created sound worlds. Analogue instruments, digital technology and artificial intelligence combine to generate sounds that simultaneously define it as MINI, convey information and arouse emotions.

You can find out more details about the new electric Mini over at Mini at the link below, we are looking fiorward to finding out more details about the car when it launches.

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