Mercedes EQA SUV facelift revealed


Mercedes EQA SUV facelift revealed

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Yesterday we heard about the new design of the Mercedes EQA SUV and now the Mercedes EQA SUV has also received an update with a new look and a range of new features and new technology.

As with the EQB, the new Mercedes EQA comes with an improved sound system with Dolby Atmos, the car also gets an updated look on the outside and and also an updated interior as well.

Mercedes EQA SUV

With their striking SUV bodies, powerful electric drive and predictive navigation with Electric Intelligence, the two all-electric members of the Mercedes-Benz compact car family have gained many fans. Now the EQA and EQB are becoming even more attractive to newcomers and those switching to electric vehicles – thanks to fresh looks, numerous efficiency updates and new, useful features. MBUX with improved voice control and driving assistance systems are updated; with Plug & Charge charging technology and optional Sound Experiences, innovations from the larger model siblings are making their way into the compact class. For the first time, a trailer hitch[1] is available as an optional extra for the EQB with five seats.

Mercedes EQA SUV

You can find out more information about the new Mercedes EQA SUV over at the Mercedes Benz website at the link below, The car can be ordered this fall and the first deliveries will start in early 2024.

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