Clash Royale: All Tower Troops, Ranked


Clash Royale: All Tower Troops, Ranked

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The beginning of 2024 has been quite interesting for Clash Royale players, as the game received a brand-new feature that affects the core gameplay significantly. Before this, there was no Tower Troop, as all players had Tower Princess and King Tower as their last lines of defense, but the arrival of Cannoneer allows players to finally customize this important defense line.


Clash Royale: 5 Best Cannoneer Tower Troop Decks

Clash Royale introduced an exciting new Tower Troop, Cannoneer! This list breaks down the best Cannoneer Decks you can put together.

Long story short, Cannoneer is a new replacement for Tower Princess in your Crown Towers, and it does come with advantages and disadvantages, but the biggest question is whether you need to put Princess aside and use Cannoneers. We will provide a firm answer to this!

3 Cannoneer

Still Missing Something

Cannoneer is not yet balanced, even months after its release. While this tower troop is a beast against medium-HP troops, the low fire rate still causes a lot of problems that players do not want to deal with. To be honest, there are a limited amount of decks that could fit into Cannoneer, but its massive vulnerability against spam troops is always a troublemaker.

Aside from the low fire rate, Cannoneer is also the weakest tower troop when it comes to hitpoints. While this has been considered as compensation for its high DPS (Damage per Second) rate, but it turns out to be one of the major problems of Cannoneer and why it cannot be a trustworthy defender for your crown towers.

  • Level 11 Stats:
  • Hitpoints: 2616
  • Damage: 422
  • DPS: 175
  • Fire Rate: 2.4s
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2 Dagger Duchess

A Perfectly Balanced Tower Troop

The latest tower troop, Dagger Duchess, is indeed much better than Cannoneer, and to be honest, the gap between Dagger Duchess and Tower Princess is small enough that you can switch between them a lot to find success on different occasions. For Dagger Duchess, Supercell ditches the simplified one-off statistics and introduces a cooldown system that affects the tower troop’s performance. Currently, Dagger Duchess has the highest fire rate among all tower troops, but that only lasts for a limited time.

When Duchess runs out of ammo, you need to wait longer for each hit, and this new fire rate falls between that of Tower Princess and Cannoneer. That being said, Dagger Duchess deals 50% more damage compared to Tower Princess based on Level 11 statistics, which is great compensation for that low fire rate during the cooldown period. Other than that, Dagger Duchess also has the highest hitpoints among all tower troops. All these advantages make her a pretty balanced and capable option that is surely worth exploring more and more.

  • Level 11 Stats:
  • Hitpoints: 3204
  • Damage: 153
  • DPS: 437
  • DPS (in cooldown): 127
  • Fire Rate: 0.35s
  • Fire Rate (in cooldown): 1.2s
  • Max Daggers: 8

1 Tower Princess

A Nightmare For Spams

Clash Royale All Tower Troops Ranked Tower Princess

Tower Princess is still the best tower troop in Clash Royale, but now it finally has a real competitor. If Tower Princess is still our top choice here, it is mostly because we have been playing with this tower troop for a long time, and we have already crafted a massive number of superb decks that work perfectly. However, this equation can be changed at any time if Dagger Duchess is explored well enough and proven worthy.

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Tower Princess is still the best defense against spam units. Not that it can deal with all of them, but it can reduce the incoming threat from spam significantly. Also, Tower Princess cannot be slowed down by a cooldown system, which makes it a simplified and still effective option, without taking much risk.

  • Level 11 Stats:
  • Hitpoints: 3052
  • Damage: 109
  • DPS: 136
  • Fire Rate: 0.8s

Clash Royale: 5 Best Little Prince Decks, Ranked

Little Prince is quite effective if you manage to keep him away from distractions.

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