Introducing Onyx BOOX Palma: The $250 E Ink Display Phone


Introducing Onyx BOOX Palma: The $250 E Ink Display Phone

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Are you always on the go, yearning for an uncomplicated gadget that would allow you to delve into your favorite books anytime, anywhere? If you find joy in reading yet desire an escape from the usual smartphone distractions, you will be thrilled to discover the Onyx BOOX Palma a new E Ink display phone.

Designed with the convenience of avid readers in mind, this device holds a firm promise of simplicity and utility. While it bears similarities to a phone, it predominantly serves as an eReader helping you relish reading in an undisturbed manner. You might also be interested in the BOOX  tablet and eReader, also both launched earlier this month.

E Ink display phone

E Ink display phone

The Onyx BOOX Palma comes with an impressive list of features to facilitate a top-notch reading experience:

  • 6.13 inch E Ink Display: If you have ever wished to read on a device that feels like a physical book, the Palma’s E Ink display is a dream come true. Delivering 300 pixels per inch, it ensures crisp and clear text for an enjoyable reading session.
  • High-Performance Hardware: Boasting a Qualcomm octa-core processor and a substantial 6GB of RAM, the Palma ensures smooth performance. Add in the 128GB storage, and you have ample space for your extensive collection of eBooks.
  • Onyx BOOX Super Refresh Software: The unique feature of this device is its ‘Super Refresh’ software, which offers adjustable screen refresh rates. You have the flexibility to select between quick animations or better quality images based on your reading preferences.
  • Connectivity Options: WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 enable seamless internet access and external device connection, respectively.
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More than an eReader thanks to Android Apps

Apart from serving as an eReader, the Paloma runs on an Android 11-based operating system. This means you can easily install and use Android applications, provided they are compatible with E Ink displays. This feature further broadens the utility of the device, allowing you to use it for various purposes beyond just reading.

Onyx BOOX Palma

Multimedia and photography

The Onyx BOOX Palma steps up its game by offering in-built speakers and Bluetooth support, transforming it into a portable media player. It also comes with a rear camera, handy for capturing quick snaps. Although it lacks a front camera, making video calls or taking selfies isn’t its primary focus, maintaining its core identity as a reader-centric device.

The design features of the Palma have been thoughtfully crafted with the user’s convenience in mind:

  • Touchscreen Display with Front-light: The device’s display is not just touch-sensitive but also has a front-light for comfortable reading under various lighting conditions. The light’s brightness and color temperature can be adjusted according to your comfort.
  • Customizable Side Buttons: To further enhance the user experience, it has customizable side buttons, allowing for an easier navigation.

Price and availability

You can pre-order the Onyx BOOX Palma for $250, with a protective case included in the package. The retail price will eventually be $280, giving pre-order customers a $30 discount. The device is expected to start shipping from August 2023.
Take note, however, that unlike some other Onyx BOOX devices, the Palma does not support stylus input. This might be a deciding factor for users who prefer scribbling notes or sketching on their devices.

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The Onyx BOOX Palma positions itself as an exceptional eReader with added functionalities. Its phone-like size and design make it an easy-to-carry companion for all your reading adventures, whether on a crowded subway or a quiet beach. So, if your goal is to disconnect from the digital noise and immerse yourself in the world of words, the Onyx BOOX Palma may be your ideal match.

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