Unleashing Speed and Precision: xTool F1 – The Ultimate Portable Laser Engraver


Unleashing Speed and Precision: xTool F1 – The Ultimate Portable Laser Engraver

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xTool, a leading innovator in the laser engraving industry, has broadened its impressive product range with the introduction of the xTool F1. This latest addition to the xTool lineup is hailed as the market’s fastest dual infrared and blue portable laser engraver.

Having established itself as a pivotal entity in the laser engraving market, xTool continues to augment its influence, striking a chord with high-end consumers. The brand previously unveiled the xTool P2, a powerful 55 W CO2 laser cutting and engraving station equipped with an innovative system for engraving on substantial dimensions.

xTool’s latest offering, the F1, differs from other laser engraver with a compact design and impressive ultra-high-speed functionality, making it ideal for smaller-scale engraving projects. The F1 is designed to be a portable laser, which led to a sacrifice in the working area. However, it still provides ample space for small personalization and souvenirs that are easy to carry around. Additionally, xTool introduced a clever slide system for the F1, expanding the area up to 4 times (115*400 mm).

The F1 offers an engraving speed of 4000 mm/s with an impressive precision of 0.00199 mm, thereby facilitating high-resolution engraving with photo quality up to 1270 dpi. It can also handle up to 8 mm of wood and 5 mm of acrylic thickness. The device features a laser module combined with articulated galvanometric mirrors to achieve this high speed, and a focus wheel to manipulate laser thickness. Additionally, the motorized head can automatically adjust its height based on the surface’s thickness set for engraving.

The dual laser allows the F1 to showcase great versatility, particularly by being able to engrave or cut traditional materials such as wood, acrylic, cork, cardboard, plastics and polymers, but also stainless steel, aluminum, steel and certain transparent materials including plexiglass, macrolon and many others…
The F1 is designed to work with more than 500 different materials.

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xTool’s F1 is not only portable but also handheld, allowing for engraving on various surfaces like walls, canvases, and barbecues. It seamlessly integrates with the xTool Creative Space on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, covering Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS platforms. The F1 supports WiFi connectivity and includes a USB port, enabling the use of multiple file formats such as SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

xTool F1 also supports a separately sold filtration station for efficient extraction of smoke and odor. It’s compatible with the RA2 Pro rotary tool that facilitates engraving on glasses and cylinders, and the ‘Slide’ base for automatic part sliding on a horizontal axis for mass or larger-scale engraving.

Due to the F1’s compact dimensions and versatile features, it is a suitable choice for various occasions, making it ideal for events such as craft shows, flea markets, weddings, and exhibitions. Its portability and diverse capabilities enable individuals to carry it effortlessly to different settings at any given time. Additionally, its function of batch engraving enhances its appeal, making it a valuable tool for entrepreneurs looking to venture into small business enterprises. The F1’s out-of-the-box nature further contributes to its adaptability, allowing users to explore and maximize its potential for commercial purposes.

The xTool F1 stands out as a remarkable combination of power and safety. Equipped with an adjustable cover, it effectively filters harmful laser light, ensuring a secure user experience. Additionally, its built-in fan and air purifier efficiently eliminate smoke and odors, further enhancing safety measures. Whether you’re wanting to take your laser engraving business to the next level, or get one started, the xTool F1 is a solid choice all around.

xTool is having an exciting August sale! You can use the code:200F1 and grab the Tool F1 laser engraver now for an unbelievable final price of just S1599. Don’t miss out!

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