Apps to connect with Android Auto using Lollipop devices


Apps to connect with Android Auto using Lollipop devices

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Android Auto is still a relatively new platform but smart cars have certainly a big potential. The platform now runs in some vehicles but with limited functions and features only. Not anyone can use their apps with Android Auto but Google has just announced some new developments. The Internet giant has recently allowed apps to run on Android Auto using their Android 5.0+ devices. This means you can take your apps for a drive on several aftermarket units and compatabible cars (but please, don’t play games while driving).

Android Auto extends your frequently used apps on your phone to your car so you can stay connected to family and friends while on the road. Not that it’s advisable to constantly use your Android apps while behind the wheel but being connected to your mobile device is always a good thing.

Bringing Android experience to a compatible vehicle is now possible. Android Auto interface is optimized for the head unit display so you can make use of steering wheel buttons, touch screen controls, and voice input if you need to. There are numerous Android Auto units already, the latest of which is the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX. Other models available in the United States include Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX and AVIC-7100NEX, the AVIC-F70DAB and AVH-X8750BT in Australia, and the AVIC-F70DAB and AVH-X8700BT in the United Kingdom.

Many vehicles with these units can now take advantage of Android Auto. We can say this is the first batch of Android Auto devices to launch for Android Auto compatibles. The biggest auto manufacturers are expected to announce vehicles with integrated Android Auto support very soon.

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While apps can be taken easily to the Android Auto unit, there is still a need for a more localized experience. Android developers are called to start with development since the SDK for Android Auto is now ready. Several developers have already started working on apps but it’s only now that Google Play will accept application updates. Just a few tweaks on the coding of your app and it can be used on Android Auto.

Watch the DevByte video for more live demos and information about the Android Auto:

The Android Auto app is now also available on Google Play Store that demonstrates what can be done using Android Auto, from listening to music, to navigation, to voice search.

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