T-Mobile’s free MLB.TV offer is back on, and baseball fans can get an extra gift this year


T-Mobile’s free MLB.TV offer is back on, and baseball fans can get an extra gift this year

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If you were nervous about T-Mobile potentially not bringing back one of its most popular ever freebies this spring, you probably didn’t pay a lot of attention to the “Un-carrier’s” announcements this time last year. That was when Magenta “strengthened” its longstanding MLB partnership by extending it for another half a decade.

Curiously enough, the offer baseball fans across the nation were so eagerly anticipating was not available prior to the new season’s official start on March 20 in Seoul. But as revealed recently and fully detailed today, you will be able to claim your free year of MLB.TV access once again from tomorrow, March 26 and until Monday, April 1.

The terms and conditions are a little unclear for the time being

Seven days may seem like a narrow window of time, but it is of course very similar to the deal’s redemption periods in previous years. And if history is any indication, you’ll probably get a second chance at some point in the next couple of months. Then again, most people interested in the promotion are unlikely to wait a couple of days to score their cool new gift, as the regular 2024 Major League Baseball season is set to properly kick off this Thursday, March 28.
As always, the special offer is part of the hugely popular T-Mobile Tuesdays program (which is also why it’s available from Tuesday to Monday). But said program is now located in the T Life app, which you’ll have to download (or update) and use to find and take advantage of the returning deal. 

What’s a little odd is that the “Un-carrier” doesn’t appear to mention anywhere in its press release exactly what customers are eligible for a gratis MLB.TV subscription in 2024. While we do know the freebie is for T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Home Internet, and Business users, certain exclusions may apply, and chances are we won’t find out more about those until tomorrow.

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Push the button!

In the meantime, you can already enter the “T-Mobile Secret Baseball Button Sweepstakes” for a shot at winning an item that makes this year’s MLB.TV giveaway different from all past giveaways. The item is… a button you can place on your desk for easy switching between work and fun on your office computer. Yes, really.
This totally serious product is apparently worth $30 in real money and presumably more in symbolic value for hardcore T-Mobile fans who like to collect the magenta-coated stuff the operator often gives away to celebrate various events and occasions.

There are 1,200 buttons in total to be had on April 8, and interestingly enough, the sweepstakes is open to non-T-Mobile subscribers as well until March 31. Using Bluetooth, the “Secret Baseball Button” will seamlessly access the MLB.TV website on your computer’s default browser and then allow you to make it seem like you’re (hardly) working just as easily with another click. 

Will that prove practical out in the real world? Almost certainly not. Is it something you can have a chuckle about with your friends, coworkers, or even your boss? Absolutely. Just make sure you don’t take the “secret button” too seriously and expect to actually hide your procrastination from anyone with eyes and a functional brain.

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