Meet Alec Craig Boston, Aliyah Boston Brother: Family And Siblings Detail


Meet Alec Craig Boston, Aliyah Boston Brother: Family And Siblings Detail

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Meet Alec Craig Boston, Aliyah Boston Brother: Family And Siblings Detail

Aliyah Boston, a professional basketball player from America, has a lovely family that includes her parents and older sister. Sadly, she lost her younger brother, Alec Craig Boston, before birth. Her sibling was born early, which resulted in his death. Despite losing her younger brother, Aliyah has a loving family that supports her in all aspects of her personal and professional life. Aliyah Boston, a teenage basketball prospect from the US Virgin Islands, was born in 2001. She now plays for the Indiana Fever in the WNBA, where she is well-known for her ability to play both power forward and center.

In 2023, Boston was selected as both the WNBA Rookie of the Year and the AP Rookie of the Year. Her basketball career began in college at the University of South Carolina, where she helped her team win the national title in 2022 and received the Most Outstanding Player award. Aliyah garnered several trophies during her collegiate career, including Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year. She was regarded as a good player even in high school, opted to join the WNBA draft early due to the pandemic, and was the first choice in 2023, beginning what seems to be a promising professional career.

What Happened to Aliyah Boston’s Brother, Alec Craig Boston?

Aliyah Boston Brother Alec Craig Boston has a terrible tale. According to reports, he was born early and died. The death of a basketball player’s younger brother devastated the family. They went through the most difficult period in their lives after losing their youngest child and only son. In addition, the basketball star has avoided discussing her brother on social media. Talking about her heavenly brother demands a lot of confidence from her. Alec Craig’s absence makes family excursions more difficult for the family.

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Her Parents And Family

Aliyah has a lovely family that includes her parents, Cleone and Algernon Boston, and an older sister called Alexis. Her parents are from the Virgin Islands. The couple allegedly exchanged vows in 1999 at Charlotte Amalie, the territory’s capital and biggest city. Cleone Boston, the mother of the American basketball star, also serves as president of the Miracle Babies Foundation.

It is a non-profit organization created in 2001 that has contributed over $170,000 to Schneider Regional Medical Center in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Also, stories indicate that Aliyah’s mother, Cleone, began her engagement in an NGO after losing her son. Moving on, the budding basketball player’s father, Algernon, is an American citizen who often attends his daughter’s games. He is constantly behind his kid and encourages her in all aspects of her work.

Alexis, Aliyah’s older sister, rounds out the Boston family. She is the one responsible for her younger sister’s basketball career. Yes, Alexis’s enthusiasm for basketball inspired Aliyah to pursue the same interest in the future. The sisters were moved to New England to train and pursue their basketball careers. Furthermore, the Boston family has a happy life together, which they often share on many media.

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