Samsung might finally cave and bring vertical app drawer with One UI 7 or sooner


Samsung might finally cave and bring vertical app drawer with One UI 7 or sooner

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When it comes to Android, Samsung often goes its own way. Take seamless updates, for instance. For years, the company steered clear of them. However, that practice finally shifted in March.

Another feature Samsung has resisted is vertically scrolling app drawers, a common sight on many Android phones. However, in support to a previous report, a new one suggests the Galaxy phone maker might be ready to shift its stance on this too. 

The next version of One UI to bring vertically scrolling app drawers

In a Samsung Community forum post spotted by the tech media outlet SamMobile, a moderator revealed that the next version of One UI will finally introduce the vertical option in the app drawer.

The moderator spilled the beans while responding to a user’s inquiry about the potential return of that feature in Good Lock’s Home Up module. While Samsung’s Android skin hasn’t traditionally supported vertically scrolling app drawers, there used to be an option in Good Lock’s Home Up module that let users switch up the layout. Unfortunately, Samsung axed this option from the module after an update.

Right now, app drawers on One UI lay out apps in pages, so you have to swipe left or right to get around. If the moderator’s info checks out, it could mean Samsung is gearing up to either bring back the option in the Home Up module or add native support for vertical app drawers with the release of One UI 7 (Android 15) or a smaller update before that.

The latter option seems more likely, though. It would make sense for the Korean tech giant to pull the feature from the Home Up module if it is planning to roll it out with One UI 7.0.

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We won’t know for sure until Samsung rolls out a next version of One UI 6.1 or the One UI 7 beta. Google recently released the first public beta for Android 15, so it might be a bit of a wait until the One UI 7 beta arrives.

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