Boy, 7, told his ‘dinosaur’ bones found at the beach are actually human remains


Boy, 7, told his ‘dinosaur’ bones found at the beach are actually human remains

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Christopher and Dylan Rees during their walk (Picture: Wales News Service)

A seven-year-old boy made quite the discovery at a beach where Doctor Who used to be filmed – human bones.

Little Dylan Rees was digging around near Dunraven Bay in Southerndown, Vale of Glamorgan, when he spotted the remains in the ground.

Thinking these were dinosaur bones, he showed them to his dad Christopher, but he suspected they were more likely cattle.

It was only when they got home the 39-year-old ‘panicked’ when his wife told him the discovery was human.

The bones discovered at the site (Picture: Wales News Service)

Chris said: ‘We were looking and then I could just see part of a bone then sticking out of the ground.

‘My son dug it up and he was excited – he thought he’d found a dinosaur. He was chuffed.

‘I could see there was more there, but I thought, “I’m not digging anymore”.’

Concerned that he ‘will get into trouble’, the carpenter phoned police on April 9.

Police cordoned off the scene (Picture: Wales News Service)

He added: ‘I thought: “Oh my God, should I go and put them back?”‘

Officers sealed off the spot, which has been used as dramatic scenery for TV shows.

But they told him the find was not a recent crime scene and likely an ancient one of human remains.

Chris said: ‘Dylan likes history and going to the museum. It’s not everyday you find something like that. He’s been well chuffed.

The dad and son were initially really excited about the find

‘Because there weren’t more bones visibly sticking out of the ground, they said they weren’t going to dig for any more – I found that surprising.

‘We were a bit disappointed, because we thought we’d discovered something pretty interesting when we realised how old they were.’

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A South Wales Police spokesperson the bones will be extracted and sent for analysis.

They added: ‘The area is currently cordoned off for examination and will likely remain for a few days.’

It is about five miles from a spot where skeletons of at least six people were dug up a cliff edge 10 years ago – and experts believe they are shipwreck victims.

The remains though to date back more than 500 years were discovered by archaeologists carrying out a dig.

The bones were uncovered following erosion to the cliff but other bones have already been lost to the sea.

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