Release Date & Everything We Know


Release Date & Everything We Know

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Release Date & Everything We Know


  • Law & Order
    ‘s revival in 2022 has been a success, increasing in popularity.
  • Law & Order
    season 24 has been officially confirmed by NBC and will return in October 2024.
  • The cast of
    Law & Order
    season 24 is expected to remain mostly unchanged, with familiar faces returning.

Despite being off the air for over a decade, the original Law & Order was revived in 2022 and has increased in popularity ever since, and will continue for season 24. Created by Dick Wolf and debuting back in 1990, Law & Order follows detectives in New York City as they investigate various crimes and use their sleuthing skills to help the District Attorney craft a strong case. Unlike procedurals that proceeded Law & Order, Wolf’s magnum opus emphasized both sides of the criminal justice arena and told stories of cops and prosecutors who try to dispense justice.

The original Law & Order ran for a respectable 20 seasons before going off the air in 2010, but not before launching the hit spinoff, Law & Order: SVU. In a surprising twist, the original series was brought back in 2022 where it didn’t miss a beat and has joined the aforementioned SVU and the burgeoning Law & Order: Organized Crime as a full-fledged TV empire. The continued success of the Law & Order franchise is a good sign for the future of the original, and Law & Order season 24 is just the next installment.


Kelli Giddish’s Rollins Returning To Law & Order: SVU For Third Time Since Leaving

Kelli Giddish’s character Amanda Rollins will return to Law & Order: SVU for the third time since she left the show in the previous season.

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Law & Order Season 24 Latest News

A Release Date Is Revealed

Just a few months after the NBC procedural franchise was renewed together, the latest news confirms the release date for Law & Order and its spinoff, SVU. Returning for its third new season after a decade off the air, Law & Order season 24 is set to begin airing on Thursday, October 3 at 8pm. Law & Order will be followed by SVU, which starts at 9pm. Interestingly, Law & Order: Organized Crime has been shifted to a streaming exclusive on Peacock, but no release date is known for the Stabler spinoff yet.

Law & Order Season 24 Release Date

The Procedural Returns In October

Sam Waterston as Jack McCoy looking stoically in Law and Order

Just a few months after all of Dick Wolf’s programs on the network were renewed, Law & Order and its spinoff, SVU, were given a release date. Continuing the police procedural franchise’s prime-time dominance, Law & Order is slated to begin airing on October 3, 2024, at 8pm. Special Victims Unit season 26 will premiere right after starting at 9pm.

Law & Order
season 23 concluded on May 16, 2024.

Law & Order Season 24 Cast

Expect The Main Cast To Return

As with most procedurals, the cast of Law & Order season 24 isn’t likely to change much from the previous season. That means fans can expect to see many of the familiar faces that have helped to make the revived classic so popular, including Hugh Dancy as Nolan Pierce and Mehcad Brooks as Detective Jalen Shaw. It is unclear if Sam Waterston will return as his long-running character of Jack McCoy, but Waterston’s previous enthusiasm for the part might see him come back in a supporting capacity.

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Along with the weekly guest stars that have always populated the Law & Order franchise, Odelya Halevi will likely reprise her role as Samantha Maroun. Reid Scott joined the cast of Law & Order season 23 as Detective Vincent Riley to replace the departing Jeffrey Donovan, and it can be expected that he will continue to be a main character going forward.

The presumptive cast of Law & Order season 24 includes:


Law & Order Role

Hugh Dancy

Nolan Pierce

Pierce looks on with a serious expression in Law & Order

Mehcad Brooks

Jalen Shaw

Mehcad Brooks in Law and Order

Sam Waterston

Jack McCoy

Jack (Sam Waterston) sits in an office in Law & Order

Reid Scott

Vincent Riley

Reid Scott as Detective Vincent Riley with his hands folded together in Law & Order.

Odelya Halevi

Samantha Maroun

Maroun talks animatedly to someone in Law & Order

Law & Order Season 24 Story

What Cases Will The Cops Tackle Next?

Mehcad Brooks as Jalen Shaw listening to someone in the interrogation room in Law & Order

At this juncture, it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen in Law & Order season 24. While the rest of the franchise has begun to move in a more serialized direction, the original series has kept true to the episodic format that has served the genre so well. Though there are threads introduced from season to season, the bulk of Law & Order is the weekly cases that see the detectives and lawyers working together to serve up the eponymous justice. Law & Order season 24 is expected to deliver more of the familiar ripped-from-the-headlines stories.

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