How to Draft Emails in Gmail With Google Gemini


How to Draft Emails in Gmail With Google Gemini

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How to Draft Emails in Gmail With Google Gemini

In this guide, we look at how you can draft emails in Gmail with the help of Google Gemini. Are you looking to streamline your email management process while elevating the quality of your communications? Google Gemini, a cutting-edge AI tool integrated within Gmail, is designed to revolutionize the way you compose emails. This innovative tool significantly simplifies the email creation process, from crafting initial drafts to polishing your final message. For those who opt for a Gemini Advanced subscription, the experience is even more transformative. As a powerful AI assistant, Google Gemini not only assists in generating and refining drafts but also evolves by learning from your interactions. This means that with each email, Gemini becomes better attuned to your preferences and style, making the task of email composition quicker, more intuitive, and highly efficient. Here’s a guide on how to use it:


  • Gmail account: Obviously, you’ll need a Gmail account for this to work.
  • Gemini Advanced: Gemini’s advanced features are currently part of the Gemini Advanced subscription. You can check or upgrade your subscription by visiting your Google Account settings.

Drafting Emails with Gemini: Step-by-Step

1. Composing a New Email

  • Desktop:

    • Click “Compose” to start a new email.
    • You’ll see a small pen icon with a plus symbol near the bottom left corner of the compose window. This is the “Help me write” button.
  • Android:

    • Tap the “Compose” button.
    • Look for the “Help me write” option at the bottom right of the compose window.

2. Using Gemini to Generate Drafts

  • Both Desktop and Android:
    • Click or tap the “Help me write” button.
    • Enter a brief description of what you want to convey in your email. Be clear and specific.
    • Click or tap on “Create” to let Gemini generate an email draft based on your input.
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3. Refining Your Email

Gemini offers further assistance in fine-tuning your draft:

  • Formalize: Helps make your email sound more professional.

  • Elaborate: Adds additional details to enhance the email’s content.

  • Shorten: Provides a more concise version of your email.

  • I’m Feeling Lucky: This option offers creative adjustments to your draft for a unique touch.

  • Customize: Edit the generated draft directly to tailor it perfectly to your needs.

  • Recreate: Discard the current draft and ask Gemini to generate a new one completely.

4. Providing Feedback

  • Good suggestion/Bad suggestion: Help improve Gemini’s responses with your feedback.
  • Tell us more/Feedback: Offer detailed comments for a greater impact on Gemini’s learning.

5. Sending Your Email

  • When you’re happy with your draft, hit the “Send” button!

Important Notes:

  • Gemini learns from your writing style and feedback to improve its email suggestions over time.
  • Gemini is always evolving, so expect new features to be added in the future.
  • You can use Gemini to draft replies and even forward new versions of existing emails.


Let’s say you want to request a day off from work. Here’s how Gemini could help:

  1. After clicking “Help me write” type in “Request a day off from work on [date]”
  2. Gemini generates a draft. You might then click “Formalize” if you find the initial draft too casual.
  3. Make any final edits and hit “Send!


With the integration of Gemini into your email composition process, the entire experience of writing emails is transformed into a far more personalized journey. Gemini doesn’t just understand your writing style; it deeply adapts to your unique preferences and nuances over time. This sophisticated adaptation facilitates a more intuitive process for creating and refining drafts.

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As you continue to use Gemini, you’ll find that it becomes remarkably perceptive, anticipating your needs and preferences in ways that make it an essential asset for your email communications. Its ability to learn and evolve with you ensures that each email you write not only captures your personal voice but also becomes increasingly efficient and effective, making Gemini an indispensable tool for anyone looking to enhance their email communication skills.

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