How to check iPhone battery health


How to check iPhone battery health

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How to check iPhone battery health


This guide is designed to show you how to check the health of your iPhone battery as well as get the most out of your iPhone charging. iPhone and other smartphone batteries will slowly deteriorate over time, and the more you charge them, the more they deteriorate. The amount of battery degradation also depends on how you charge the device.

There are a number of things you can do to make sure your battery lasts longer, Apple and other manufacturers have some of these features built into their devices.

Apple has a feature where you can check the health of your iPhone battery and also optimize how you charge the device to ensure that you are getting maximum battery life out of your device.

How to check iPhone battery health?

This can be easily done on your iPhone from the Settings menu on your device. To check the health of the current battery, you need to go to Settings > Battery Then battery health.

iPhone battery health

This will show you the maximum capacity of the iPhone battery, as you can see in the image above my iPhone battery health is 95%. That’s not bad considering the device is an iPhone 11 Pro Max from 2019. One reason is that I’ve used Apple’s Optimized Battery Charging since it’s been available, it definitely makes a difference in battery health.

How do you set up optimized battery charging and what is it?

To set up Optimized Battery Charging on your iPhone, you need to go to Settings > Battery Then select Optimized battery charging. The feature is now set up and after a few days, your iPhone will learn how to use the device when you charge it, and when is the best time to charge the device.

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If you charge your iPhone overnight, it will turn on when you wake up in the morning, and your device will then charge to 80%, and then a couple of hours before you get to the remaining 20%. What this does is extend the life of your iPhone battery, most of the stress is on the battery when it is still on a full charge.

iPhone battery health

This is a great feature and it works well, the only downside is that if you get out of your routine the device may not be fully charged. For example, I get up at 6 am, but if I get up a day earlier, say 4 am, my iPhone may not be 100% charged, so you need to remember this if you are going to break out of your normal routine.

How do I find out which apps are consuming my iPhone battery?

If you want to know which apps are consuming iPhone battery life, this can be done easily. To do that, go to Settings > Battery Then scroll down, you will see a list of apps that used your battery in the last 24 hours and also in the last 10 days.

iPhone battery health

You can then see if any of your apps are using your battery more than others, in general, these tend to be the apps you use the most, although sometimes a particular app may use more battery than it should if there is a problem with program.

We hope you find this guide on battery health and optimized charging useful and we hope it helps you get the most out of your iPhone battery. You can find out more details about this feature on the Apple website.

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