Is Brian Pallister the Owner of Palliser Furniture?


Is Brian Pallister the Owner of Palliser Furniture?

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Palliser Furniture is a name that speaks for itself. The quality, the class, and the beauty, everything is a testimony of great craftsmanship. But the word “Palliser” in itself sounds very familiar.

If you think just enough, the name Palliser would sound a lot like Brian Pallister, the Former Premier of Manitoba. Do these two names have a connection? Is Brian Pallister the Owner Of Palliser Furniture? We find out all about that in this article.

As you move forward, you will come to know about the history of the Palliser Furniture and how it may or may not be connected with Brian Pallister.

Let’s dig in. 

History of Palliser Furniture

History of Palliser Furniture

The raving palliser furniture reviews have made them a household name indeed. At the same time, many have acquired a piece of it, and many dream to have it one day. But what remains constant is everyone knowing about this business. The thing to keep in mind here is this name and fame wasn’t garnered overnight.

In fact, it has taken 78 years for the Palliser furniture to become the big brand they are. The rich history is the testimony of the unending effort and the constant determination. 

The Palliser furniture was born in 1944 by a Russian-born immigrant, Abram Albert DeFehr. He had moved to Canada around that time and started making wooden pieces in the basement of his hall. While it was just him making these pieces, it didn’t take very long for him to reach places with it. Soon, Abram Albert DeFehr moved from the basement to a chicken farm, and that’s when the story began.

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This chicken farm became the first factory of Palliser Furniture, and they haven’t looked back. 

While this history of making such great quality furniture is a long tale, it wasn’t without ups and downs. Over the years, the Palliser furniture has seen many changes. One of the major ones was the division of DeFehr furniture from the company.

However, this hiccup didn’t stop them. The board of the Palliser furniture continued to strive. Owing to all the work and determination, they were named as Canada’s best-managed companies.” Now, they continue to make their mark. 

Who is in The Ownership? Is Brian Pallister the Owner of Palliser Furniture?

It is a very common belief that Brian Pallister could be the owner of Palliser Furniture; after all, the last names do sound very similar. However, Brian Palliser is NOT the owner of Palliser Furniture. Peter Tielmann was appointed the president and CEO of Palliser Furniture back in 2018.

Since Palliser Furniture is a family-owned and operated business. So, Peter Tielmann got the position after marrying into the family. Moreover, Art DeFehr, the son of Abram Albert DeFehr, became the chairman of the company. This removes any possibility of Brian Pallister being the wonder of Palliser Furniture. 

Who is in The Ownership? Is Brian Pallister the Owner of Palliser Furniture? .jpgWho is in The Ownership? Is Brian Pallister the Owner of Palliser Furniture? .jpg

If you believed that Brian Pallister was in any way associated with Palliser furniture, we assure you that you aren’t the only one. This is because there are too many similarities and pinpoints that make it possible for everyone to believe that Brian is indeed a part of this furniture business. First thing first, the last name. The two are so similar that anyone would get confused. Moreover, Brian Pallister is a Canadian politician. So, owing to all the connections, it is possible that one would forge a connection there. However, none of it is true because the Palliser Furniture business continues to be a family-owned business and has nothing to do with Brian Pallister. 

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Who is Brian Pallister? What Businesses Does He Own? 

While Brian Pallister does not own the Pallister business, we wonder who he is and if he has any business that is remotely connected to Palliser Furniture. Brian William Pallister is a Canadian politician who served as the premier of Manitoba from 2016 to 2021. He was the cabinet minister and a member of the House of Commons of Canada from 2000-2008. He has been very active in politics all his life. 

Who is Brian Pallister? What Businesses Does He Own? .jpgWho is Brian Pallister? What Businesses Does He Own? .jpg

Recently, Brian Pallister started to become a part of the news when the controversy about him being inconsistent in his disclosures about his assets was scrutinized.

The NDP and its candidate, Dave Chomiak, criticized him for not being truthful about his assets in Costa Rica. While he might have criticism going on for his other assets, what we know for sure is that he is nowhere even remotely related to Palliser Furniture.


With this, we know that Palliser Furniture is a family-owned business, and it has nothing to do with Brian Pallister. Brian Pallister is not the owner of Palliser Furniture. It is managed by Peter Tielmann and Art DeFehr.

The company has been in business for 78 years now, and it continues to bring quality products.

The company has recently announced that it would be expanding after they were scrutinized for dumping and subsidizing certain upholstered furniture.

In April 2022, Palliser announced that they would be adding 3 acres of manufacturing campus in Winnipeg, increasing the production capacity in Mexico. 

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