How Do Design Consultants Earn at Arhaus


How Do Design Consultants Earn at Arhaus

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Arhaus is a popular furniture brand that serves quality and craftsmanship with each of its products.

With a business that features sustainability, with Arhaus review products, you can add a touch of class and sophistication to your indoor spaces.

Arhaus definitely is a high-end furniture brand, but one important thing to know is its commission-based pay scale.

If you dream of being a part of the firm, one very crucial role is to become a design consultant. 

Even if you are new to retail commission structure, there’s no reason for you to worry. This blog will help you understand what commissions design consultants get at Arhaus! 

About Arhaus

About Arhaus

Arhaus is a lifestyle brand that provides artisan-crafted designs on its products that make the customers fall in love with the products. It is an established brand that focuses on high-quality construction and product finishing. 

There is a wide variety of furniture items you can choose from depending on your design preference. Another benefit is that most of the pieces you purchase from the brand will have a lifetime warranty. This high-end furniture brand makes investing in its product totally worthwhile. 

Role of a Designer Consultant

Role of a Designer ConsultantRole of a Designer Consultant

Before we understand the actual commissions of a design consultant at Arhaus, let us first get to know briefly the roles and responsibilities of the designation. Design consultants are important in every industry, especially in firms like graphic design companies, architectural firms, or retail stores. The main role of a design consultant is to incorporate creativity in their designs that wins the hearts of clients. 

Depending on what industry a design consultant is hired for, the work can include domains like graphic designing, fashion designing, or interior designing. The role of a design consultant is to meet the clients, understand their requirements, and draft designs that fulfill the requirements of their clients. With different specializations, the work gets distributed among different design consultants. 

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Design Consultant at Arhaus

Design Consultant at Arhaus .jpgDesign Consultant at Arhaus .jpg

The aim of a design consultant at Arhaus is to increase sales by improving the guest experience. The duties of a design consultant include what the client needs as assistance for his project and delivering customized outputs to the clients. 

Space planning assistance is another important responsibility of a design consultant at Arhaus. With the delivery of exceptional guest experience, a design consultant helps the company meet productivity standards. 

Benefits of Working as a Design Consultant at Arhaus

Benefits of Working as a Design Consultant at ArhausBenefits of Working as a Design Consultant at Arhaus

The compensation earned at Arhaus is one reason why the role of design consultant is popular. But it is not just the compensation or team bonus that should motivate you to progress towards this job role. 

The company offers generous employee discounts and competitive earnings that keep the employees satisfied. Additionally, insurance benefits (including medical, life, and dental insurance) and retirement plans are other reasons that make this job a win-win. 

Earning at Arhaus

Earning at Arhaus .jpgEarning at Arhaus .jpg

The business compensation for Arhaus is based on a retail commission structure. If you do not know what it is all about, let us explain it to you in a simpler way. In a retail commission structure, an employee gets compensation for each contribution to sales made. The aim of retail commission structures is to motivate employees and bring more sales to the company. 

If we take an average of how much you can make at Arhaus as a design consultant, the figures fall under the range of around $180k per year. This includes both the base pay and additional pay for the role of a design consultant at Arhaus.

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The figure is the average earnings of a design consultant based on the commission structure. The rates will vary with factors like customer satisfaction, sales performance, and total experience. 

Arhaus Trade Program

Arhaus Trade Program .jpgArhaus Trade Program .jpg

 Each ATP for the professionals is for a year, running from January to December. If you join the membership for ATP, you get the commission checks quarterly (four times a year). The commission is earned for sales that are delivered and accepted by the clients. 

Is Commission-Based Pay Always Good? 

A retail commission structure benefits the company by boosting sales and motivating the employees to work harder for the company. However, this strategy for the compensation of employees has a few loopholes, which are discussed below. 

  • Very often, commission structures have variable rates that make the working environment for the employees difficult because of unhealthy competition. 
  • Another concern with such a pay structure is the use of sales tactics that are aggressive and unhealthy. With this, some employees may begin to give more value to their commission rather than providing value to the clients. 
  • Tracking commissions for individual teams or employees is a bit challenging. While digital tools can make the work way more easier, there’s always a chance of human errors. 

Wrapping Up!

For a living room to steal the spotlights, Arhaus gives the perfect furniture items with sleek and modern designs. Ranging from sofas to tables and cabinets, there’s no single furniture piece that lacks quality. 

The reason for all the premium products from the brand is dedicated design consultants of the brand. The design consultants understand the requirements of clients and give them the customization they need. 

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The commission-based pay structure gives a share of every sale a design consultant makes. As we talk of earning, design consultants earn a commission-based pay scale, helping them to remain motivated. 

If you have any more queries, let us know in the comments! 

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