Galaxy AI: special tricks designed for foldables


Galaxy AI: special tricks designed for foldables

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Galaxy AI: special tricks designed for foldables

Samsung has just revealed its latest foldable phones: the book-style Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip 6. These unique designs call for special software, and Samsung is on it. That’s why the tech giant has introduced several fresh AI features designed specifically for foldables.

Galaxy AI, Samsung’s suite of AI tools introduced earlier this year alongside the Galaxy S24 series, has been gradually expanded to various Galaxy flagship phones, including earlier foldables. However, it wasn’t until now that it received specific optimization for foldable devices. So, let’s explore the new tricks Samsung has tailored for its foldables.

TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung, July 2024

Galaxy AI upgrades for the Galaxy Z Fold 6

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 comes packed with AI-powered features and tools that make the most of its large screen, ramping up productivity with:

  • Sketch to Image: With Galaxy AI on the Galaxy Z Fold 6‘s screen, the S Pen experience reaches new heights. Introducing Sketch to Image, which enhances creativity by generating image suggestions when you sketch or draw directly on photos in Gallery or Note screen.
  • Enhanced Interpreter: Galaxy AI has also improved communication accessibility on the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Taking full advantage of its dual-screen design, Interpreter now includes a conversation mode where both participants can easily view translations on both the main and cover screens, ensuring more seamless and natural interactions.
  • Note Assist: Simplifies meeting notes with translation, summaries, and automatic formatting for effortless organization.
  • New Transcript Feature: You can transcribe, translate, and summarize voice recordings directly within Notes.
  • PDF Overlay Translation: Seamlessly translate and overlay PDF files, ensuring accurate rendering of text, images, and graphs within Notes Texts.
  • Composer: A fresh addition to Samsung Keyboard that generates suggested text based on keywords for emails and social media apps. Tailored for social media, Composer crafts text that mirrors your tone by analyzing your past posts.

And there’s more! The new Google Gemini app is fully integrated into the latest Galaxy Z series, offering your own AI-powered assistant directly on your phone. Just swipe the screen corner or say “Hey Google” to summon Gemini’s overlay for assistance with writing, learning, or planning.For instance, while watching a music video on YouTube’s large screen with the Galaxy Z Fold 6, you can access Gemini’s overlay in the multi-window split screen to ask questions. Wondering about the artist? Simply long-press the home button and circle, highlight, or tap on the screen – Circle to Search will provide immediate search results.

What’s new in terms of AI with the Galaxy Z Flip 6?

Galaxy AI brings enhanced functionality to the clamshell foldable, too, especially through FlexWindow, allowing AI-assisted features without unfolding the device. For instance, you can respond to texts with Suggested Replies, which analyzes your recent messages to offer personalized responses.

Moreover, AI-powered Photo Ambient lets you customize your device experience. This feature dynamically changes your wallpaper based on the time and weather conditions. It also suggests screen layout options that complement your wallpaper, such as adjusting the clock position and frame color to enhance the overall aesthetic.

And, of course, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 also supports the Google Gemini app and its full suite of features, just like its book-style counterpart.

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In the age of AI, Samsung promises to give you greater control over your device settings. This means you have full autonomy to manage how your data enhances AI experiences through Galaxy AI settings.

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