Dragon’s Dogma 2: Mercy Among Thieves Walkthrough


Dragon’s Dogma 2: Mercy Among Thieves Walkthrough

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The world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is split up into two massive regions for players to explore. While starting in the northern region, players will eventually make their way into the Battahl region through one method or another.


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Upon reaching this new region, players will begin to hear about the Coral Snakes, a group of bandits who are terrorizing the area. Talking to a merchant near the main gate of the region will begin the quest Mercy Among Thieves, which will task players with finding the Coral Snakes’ hideout.

Where To Find The Coral Snakes Hideout

The Coral Snakes hideout is found south along the main road of Battahl. Enter the region and follow the road through the Enoa’Battahl Forest, and you’ll pass other merchants who were also attacked by the Coral Snakes and will further request the player’s help. The location of this quest is between the Enoa’Battahl Forest and the next riftstone along that main road, right next to a campsite.

Upon reaching the marked location on the map, players will find a small group of Coral Snakes who flee into the hills to the right. Before pursuing them, be sure to use the nearby campsite and stock up on healing supplies, as there is a lot of fighting to come with this quest.

Following the bandit Hugo, take the path to the left at the first split, with the path to the left leading to a dead end. Taking another left and then a right will bring players to the main entrance to the camp, and two members of the Coral Snakes will attack the player, showing the strength of the enemies to come.

Clearing The Coral Snakes Hideout

The Player Standing In The Coral Snakes Hideout

The first room will be a large multi-leveled cave, with enemies on both sides of the cave with ranged weapons attacking the player. Having ranged pawns such as Mages, Archers, and Sorcerers excel in this cave to protect the Arisen as they proceed. The nearest bridge will fall, making the further one the only way to the other side. The path forward is on the opposite right side of the cave from where the player enters, but must take the long way forward and around the room to reach the doorway on the top level. Seeing Hugo again, continue to follow him as he runs into the main room of the Coral Snakes hideout.

Captain Benjamin Joining The Arisen

Captain Benjamin and a few soldiers will join the Arisen and their pawns and be prepared for a large fight in the following room. There are about 25-30 Coral Snakes in this room, and charging in too far back will have them all attack you at once. Use Benjamin and his soldiers as a distraction, and keep your pawns close to slowly whittle away at the enemies along the outside of the main fighting.

The Back Cave Of The Coral Snake's Hideout

Most of these Coral Snakes have either powerful ranged attacks or a knockback attack, so be sure to stay away from any ledges. The area off to the left side of this room offers decent long-ranged cover and can be fought at to make the Coral Snakes come to you and bottleneck their superior numbers. Completing this fight and proceeding to the southern section of the cave will have one last cutscene with Hugo play out before the quest is finished, with hints that this isn’t the last of the Coral Snakes.

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Due to the amount of fighting in this quest, players should consider enhancing their gear before proceeding. Camping will require a camping kit and is recommended before entering the hideout.


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