Dragon’s Dogma 2: Every Sorcerer Spell, Ranked


Dragon’s Dogma 2: Every Sorcerer Spell, Ranked

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  • Sorcerers should stay back in combat and prioritize charging up and casting devastating spells.
  • Sorcerers have a wide range of spells and can utilize any element in different ways.
  • Sorcerers should prioritize spells like Salamander and Thundermine for crowd control and defensive capabilities.

Sorcerer is one of the first new Vocations players can unlock in DD2. While still one of the more basic Vocations that a Pawn can use, the Sorcerer focuses on powerful damage-oriented spells to melt your enemies with various elements.


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As you rank up the Vocation, additional spells will become available, with each one being able to get an upgraded form by spending DCP. For this list, we’ll be focusing on the upgraded version of each weapon skill.

10 High Spellhold

Wait For The Right Moment To Cast

  • Holding and finally casting both take Stamina.
  • Have few and far between usage.

Spellhold gives Sorcerers the ability to charge up a spell and wait before casting it, with the actual cast being instant. A constant issue with magic Vocations in the heat of battle is enemies moving out of range or spreading out to make a spell less effective.

While this Skill seems to help with the problem, the long-term cost of Stamina doesn’t make it worthwhile. Sorcerers will end up spending more time lining up a spell than casting a second one, even if they both aren’t perfectly effective. As high-level spells have a bigger area of effect, lining up a spell becomes less necessary.

9 Augural Flare

Follow Up To Deal Loads Of Damage

  • Requires a follow-up most Pawns won’t notice.
  • Sticks to a single enemy.

Angural Flare is held back in the fact that it requires a follow-up in order to work effectively. While the damage can be very high, players may run into the issue of an enemy separating from a group, making this spell much less effective.

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With the upgrade, the effects of getting this spell to trigger can be quite deadly, but the effort to make it all work out properly is much more tedious than with other spells.

8 High Decanter

Drain An Enemies’ Health

The High Decanter Skill In The Menu
  • Leaves Sorcerer standing still.
  • Other methods of healing are more efficient.

Unlike Mages, Sorcerers don’t have as many supportive spells to work with and focus more on dealing damage. While Decanter does give them the ability to heal themself, the risks don’t outweigh the healing.

This spell only targets one enemy, unlike most other spells, and will leave the Sorcerer stuck in place while casting. To get a proper amount of health healed, you’ll be left stuck in the open of battle without moving and will probably end up getting hit by another enemy, undoing the benefits of this spell.

7 High Flagration

Become A Mobile Flamethrower

The High Flagration Spell In The Skill Menu
  • Sorcerers can still move, just at a slower pace.
  • It can devastate groups of enemies and leave them on fire.

Flagration and its upgrade are very powerful spells for a Mage but do fall behind when compared to other Sorcerer spells. That being said, it is a very powerful fire spell most Sorcerers should use for a large portion of the early ranks for this Vocation.

Its fire not only does a lot of damage but can also pass through multiple enemies to hit as many as possible within its surprisingly decent range. Another benefit is that Sorcerers can continue to move while casting these spells, letting them take at least small steps out of danger.

6 High Thundermine

Electrocute Any Enemy Who Gets Too Close

The High Thundermine Skill In The Menu
  • Great defensive capabilities.
  • Pair with a fighter’s Taunt to deal incredible damage.

High Thundermine is one of the few Sorcerer spells that stay in place and act as great crowd control on the battlefield. Being used defensively, this spell is great at keeping enemies from running up on you when trying to cast additional spells.

The damage from this spell is surprising, but its location lock can hold it back if placed incorrectly, or battles bleed into further areas. This spell is best when mixed with other crowd control spells to direct enemies in battle or damage them greatly for getting too close to a specific location.

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5 High Seism

Use Rocks To Deal Physical Damage

The High Seism Skill In The Menu
  • Offers a non-magick option for Sorcers.
  • Deals higher damage than most spells.

Seism and its upgraded form are great tools to have as a Sorcerer as they give a non-magick spell. Despite still being a spell, this damage takes its damage from the stones and deals damage to magick-resistant enemies that are normally out of a Sorcerer’s realm of ability.


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While this is an excellent tool to have, a good party composition should take care of any magick-resistant enemies. With resistances aside, this spell does have a high base damage and is worth considering if later spells on this list don’t feel right for your play style.

4 High Salamander

Leave A Trail Of Fire To Burn Enemies

The High Salamander Skill In The Menu
  • Very high chance of leaving enemies on fire.
  • Fire won’t hurt Sorcerer or allies.

Salamander not only deals great damage but also leaves a trail of fire in front of the Sorcerer. The initial damage from this spell is great, and the flames left behind will continue to damage any enemies along with, potentially catching them on fire.

The area left on fire is surprisingly large, letting Sorcerers damage most of a battlefield with only a single spell. Upgrading this spell only furthers the distance and effects, making it the best form of fire damage in the game.

3 High Hagol

Create A Small Blizzard To Freeze Your Foes

The High Hagol Skill In The Menu
  • Small starting radius but can be upgraded.
  • Enemies within will slow down before they are fully frozen.

Hagol creates a small blizzard that damages enemies and also has the potential to freeze them. The range on Hagol initially isn’t very good, but the upgrade makes up for that, along with increasing the potential to freeze enemies.

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While all status effects have their uses, freezing enemies is by far the best, as it leaves them open to be attacked by the rest of your party. Frozen enemies also give Sorcerers a second to breathe and begin casting their next powerful spell.

2 High Levin

Call Lighting Down On Your Enemies

The High Levin Spell In The Skill Menu
  • Hits airborne enemies and knocks them down.
  • Targets a wide area over a few seconds.

High Levin calls down multiple lighting bolts on enemies both in the air and on the ground. For many melee-focused Vocations, attacking airborne enemies is impossible, and many mage and Sorcerer spells only target enemies on the ground.

Even with the ability to hit flying and grounded enemies, the damage output from High Levin is incredible, with the area affected only increasing with additional bolts. No matter the party composition, this spell is a must-have for any Sorcerer.

1 High Frigor

Create An Ice Ramp

The High Frigor Skill In The Skill Menu
  • Leaves behind blocks of ice
  • Deals very great damage that devastates large monsters.

High Frigor not only offers a lot of damage but also a lot of options for the Sorcerer and their party. The large ice shards offer a great ramp for melee characters to run up and jump onto a monster to try and attack their weak points.

After the ice ramp is destroyed, it leaves behind blocks of ice that can be picked up and thrown for additional damage. All of this utility is great, especially for climbing on large monsters, but the base damage from this spell can sometimes make it irrelevant, as most smaller enemies will struggle to survive the initial burst of ice.



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