Dragon’s Dogma 2: All Thief Augment, Ranked


Dragon’s Dogma 2: All Thief Augment, Ranked

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Whether you are a hardcore fan of RPGs or just getting your feet wet, you can do a lot worse than Dragon’s Dogma 2. The game is packed with plenty of dungeons to explore, weapons to unlock, new Vocations to try out, and a slew of skills to unlock and experiment with.


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When it comes to the four starting Vocations, Thief is definitely one of the best. After you familiarize yourself with the basics, you’ll start unlocking new weapon skills, core skills, and augments that will further customize your experience and make you that much more capable of slaying the formidable beasts that roam the world. There are a total of 5 Thief Augments to unlock. Here’s how they stack up against each other.

5 Poise

Augment Details

  • “Reduces the Stamina consumed when struggling in a foe’s grip.”

In most RPGs, poise typically deals with how easily you can get knocked of balance or have your guard broken. Capcom went in a different direction with Dragon’s Dogma 2. Since the Thief cannot block, the augment Poise instead affects your stamina usage, specifically when you are in the grip of a large foe.

While stamina is always a precious thing, Poise is the least useful of the Thief Augments because you really shouldn’t be getting grabbed by big enemies too often. If you haven’t unlocked more than 6 total augments across the many Vocations, then you might as well keep this one equipped. But chances are, you’ll quickly replace it with a better one as soon as possible.

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4 Subtlety

Augment Details

  • “Decreases the likelihood of being targeted by foes.”

A key factor in being a good Thief in any game, and I suppose real life, is being subtle. Being a quicker, more stealth-focused Vocation, the Thief isn’t designed to take a ton of hits like the Fighter, so avoiding the enemy’s attention is paramount to success. This is where the Subtlety Augment comes into play.


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With this augment, you will be less likely to be targeted by foes. That doesn’t mean if you’re hacking away at a Cyclops’ head, it won’t eventually focus its attention on you. But this augment will give you an advantage in that enemies will most likely go after your tankier pawns first, giving you ample time to set up your attacks. Although this is really helpful, the Thief also has some stealth-specific weapon skills that you can employ, which means this augment isn’t quite as important as some of the other ones, especially since you only have 6 available slots to equip augments.

3 Gratification

Dragons Dogma 2 Thief Augments - Gratification

Augment Details

  • “Slightly restores Health when you deliver the killing blow to a foe.”

Gratification is a great augment all around and sits right in the middle of the list of Thief Augments as a whole. Depending on your playstyle, you may find yourself spending a lot of time on the back of the many behemoths in the game. When doing so, you are likely doing the most damage since you are targeting their weakpoints.

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Because of this, you will often get the final blow, finishing the enemy off. Having Gratification equipped will be a great way to get some much-needed health back both when finishing off the more challenging enemies, and while clearing out the hordes of minions that typically swarm their feet mid-battle. This augment can be a great way to stay alive a little longer, especially in those longer fights.

2 Verve

Dragons Dogma 2 Thief Augments - Verve

Augment Details

  • “Augments your Strength.”

Coming in second place, Verve is a very useful augment that grants you a small boost to your Strength. Since the Thief isn’t the most powerful Vocation by base damage alone, augmenting your strength can really go a long way and ensure that even when you are just hacking away at your foes, you are maximizing your damage.


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Verve is most helpful for the Thief and some of the other Vocations with naturally lower Strength. But it can also be a nice bump to an already Strength-focused Vocation as well, like Fighter or Warrior. Aside from strictly magick users, you can never have enough Strength, which makes Verve one of the best augments for most of the Vocations, as well as Thief.

1 Vigor

Dragons Dogma 2 Thief Augments - Vigor

Augment Details

  • “Reduces the Stamina consumed when clinging to or pinning down a foe.”

Vigor is a very special augment that reduces how much stamina you consume when clinging to a foe or pinning them to the ground. While this is obviously helpful for a Thief, which is most likely the Vocation that spends the most time on top of behemoths, it is also helpful for every Vocation since they can all climb these giant monsters as well.

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In fact, if you are not climbing up the backs of the cyclops and trolls you find in the game, you are missing out. Not only is it one of the most fun parts of the game, it is the best way to quickly deplete these challenging foes’ health bars as their vitals are almost always unreachable from ground-level attacks. Vigor is certainly one of the best augments for the Thief but is also one of the best in the game and will likely stay equipped as you try out all 10 Vocations.


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