GTA 6 is behind schedule claims report – could be delayed till 2026


GTA 6 is behind schedule claims report – could be delayed till 2026

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GTA 6 – not necessarily due in 2025 (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Things are apparently not going well with development of GTA 6, with the game supposedly pushed back till at least late 2025.

You may remember a few weeks ago, Rockstar Games ordered developers to stop working from home and return to the office, which didn’t go down well with many of them. It was assumed at the time that this was just Rockstar wanting to keep a closer eye on its employees, but a new report suggests it’s because they’re worried that progress on Grand Theft Auto 6 is behind schedule.

The reveal trailer from December looked amazing, but also several leagues beyond any current video game, and creating an open world game, with the level of detail and freedom expected from a GTA game, will demand an incredible amount of work.

Previously, most speculation had pointed towards an early 2025 release date, with a recent rumour even suggesting a specific date in February, but supposedly that’s looking increasingly unlikely and a delay until 2026 is now a real possibility.

The new report suggests development is ‘falling behind’, although the current goal is still a spring 2025 release. However, an autumn launch is now thought to be more likely, with a delay until 2026 described as an ‘emergency’ option.

All Rockstar has ever promised is a launch sometime in 2025, so there’s no need for them to announce it as a delay unless it is pushed back a whole year, but apparently senior staff are worried.

The report on Kotaku suggests that the next trailer may not give any indication of a delay, even if there is one, as Rockstar tend to make their decisions at the ‘last minute’. Although there’s currently no real hint as to when the second trailer might appear.

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An additional concern for developers is that if the game is behind schedule, then Rockstar might expect them to take part in ‘the crunch’, involving longer hours and working at the weekend – some of which may not necessarily be paid for.

The crunch was commonplace at many developers up until a few years ago, with Rockstar claimed to be one of the worst offenders, but reports suggest they’ve been much better in recent years.

It’s highly unlikely Rockstar – who are one of the most secretive companies in the industry – will comment on any of this publicly, but if the next trailer still only lists the release date as 2025 then that might not necessarily be accurate.

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