You may soon be able to use your Android as a higher quality webcam


You may soon be able to use your Android as a higher quality webcam

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Google launched a webcam feature for its Pixel phones last year, which first debuted with Android 14 QPR1. While it is a great feature, using it in real life on an Android device often left much to be desired in the image quality department. Thankfully, Google has taken the feedback to heart and is apparently doing something about it in the next version of Android.

According to reporting by Mishaal Rahman and Android AuthorityAndroid 15 DP2 introduces a subtle but powerful addition to the webcam interface: an “HQ” button nestled in the top left corner of the UI. Tapping on it will enable a “High Quality Mode” that prioritizes image clarity, overriding any power optimizations that were previously in place.

Image Credit: Android Authority

This can be a game changer for users that want to use their existing hardware to capture higher-quality video content. Instead of having to invest on a pricier webcam, you will now be able to use your phone and save yourself some money. Naturally, HQ Mode will impact battery life, so for extended video sessions, you might want to consider keeping it turned off to conserve power. However, according to Rahman’s testing, it may just be worth it to selectively turn the feature on when doing tasks like video streaming because it produces a noticeable improvement in video quality.

Now, keep in mind that this feature is currently only available in the most current developer preview version of Android 15. While we’d love to be sure that it will make it to the operating system’s final build, it wouldn’t be the first time a feature has shown up on an Android DP or Beta version and then disappeared. We will only know if this will become permanent once Android 15 reaches stability or if the feature is announced during Google I/O in May.

However, it is encouraging to see that Google has listened to user feedback when it comes to this. Hopefully, if you’re looking for a sharper, more professional webcam experience directly from your Android phone, Android 15‘s HQ Mode will be available and ready to deliver.
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