Xbox Astral Purple wireless controller unveiled


Xbox Astral Purple wireless controller unveiled

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Microsoft has once again unveiled a new addition to its controller lineup, this time in the form of the Xbox Wireless Controller – Astral Purple.  The Astral Purple controller is a sight to behold, featuring a rich purple color that is carried over to the thumbsticks and buttons, creating a visually striking contrast against the black matte finish of the hybrid D-Pad, bumpers, and triggers. The Xbox Wireless Controller – Astral Purple is available for pre-order in select Xbox markets worldwide for $64.99.

The back case of the controller is white, adding another layer of contrast and visual interest. This controller is not just about looks, though. It comes packed with all the features that gamers have come to expect from the current generation of Xbox controllers.

One of the standout features of the Astral Purple controller is the hybrid design of the D-Pad. This design offers an accurate glide, making it perfect for navigating the complex worlds of today’s video games. The controller also features textured grips on the bumpers, triggers, and back case, ensuring a firm grip and preventing any accidental slips during intense gaming sessions.

Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Astral Purple wireless controller

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The Astral Purple controller is also designed with social gaming in mind. It includes a 3.5 mm jack, allowing gamers to chat with friends using a compatible headset. This feature enhances the multiplayer gaming experience, making it more immersive and interactive.

In terms of connectivity, the Astral Purple controller is versatile and user-friendly. It can connect to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, PC, mobile phones, and tablets using Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless. This wide range of connectivity options ensures that gamers can enjoy their favorite games on a variety of platforms.

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The controller also offers up to 40 hours of battery life, ensuring long, uninterrupted gaming sessions. Additionally, it includes a dedicated Share button, allowing gamers to save their favorite moments with ease. This feature is perfect for gamers who love to share their achievements and highlights with their friends or on social media.

The Xbox Accessories app allows users to remap the controller buttons to meet any layout need and create controller profiles for seamless swapping between game controls. This feature adds a layer of customization, allowing gamers to tailor the controller to their specific needs and preferences. For more information, gamers can visit local retailers or the Xbox Store.

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