Writing effective ChatGPT prompts to improve business workflows


Writing effective ChatGPT prompts to improve business workflows

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If you run a small business and are searching for ways to harness artificial intelligence (AI)  to help you make your workflows and operations smoother and more efficient. This quick guide will provide you with hints and tips on how you can use ChatGPT to help you streamline your business and increase sales by allowing you to concentrate on more important tasks.

One of the first stages is to setup ChatGPT with a method of creating responses that sounds just like you would respond to emails or inline with your brand’s identity. This enables your customers to feel like they’re talking to you, not a robot. So, tell ChatGPT to adjust its style to be as formal, casual, or playful as you need using custom instructions. Imagine asking it to write an email that’s professional but friendly, and it delivers exactly what you’re looking for, and reads as though you wrote it yourself.  This is now possible using ChatGPT custom instructions and GPTs if necessary.

How to write the perfect ChatGPT prompt

Check out the tutorial below created by Wes McDowell who goes through a method he has devised on how to create the perfect prompt to help you improve your business communications, workflows, content creation and more.

Understanding Your Objectives

  • Clarify Your Goals: Begin with a clear understanding of what you aim to achieve with ChatGPT. Whether it’s generating content, managing emails, or strategic planning, knowing your objective guides your prompt creation.
  • Define the Task: Break down your overarching goal into specific tasks. This precision helps in formulating prompts that are directly aligned with your objectives.

Setting the Tone and Style

  • Specify Desired Tone: Clearly articulate the tone you want ChatGPT to use. Whether it’s formal, casual, or somewhere in between, providing examples of this tone can help ChatGPT better understand your needs.
  • Style Examples: Include examples or descriptions of the style you’re aiming for. This could be influenced by your brand voice or a certain stylistic preference that resonates with your audience.

Generating Ideas and Content Creation

  • Idea Generation: For content creation, start with prompts that help brainstorm topics relevant to your industry and audience. Be specific about the context and the type of content (blogs, social media posts, etc.).
  • Content Development: Progress to more detailed prompts for outlining and writing content. Provide clear instructions on structure, key points to cover, and any specific information or tone that should be included.

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Efficiency in Routine Tasks

  • Streamlining Email Communication: Use ChatGPT to automate responses to common email inquiries. A detailed prompt could include a list of FAQs and preferred responses, saving time and ensuring consistency in communication.

Skill Development and Learning

  • Focused Learning: Employ ChatGPT for targeted research and learning. Craft prompts that direct the AI to filter through vast amounts of information and distill it into concise, valuable insights related to your field or interest.

Strategic Planning

  • Refining Business Strategies: Leverage ChatGPT for developing and refining business strategies. Use iterative prompts to refine your ideas through a back-and-forth process that sharpens your objectives and outlines actionable plans.

Customization and Personalization

  • Utilize Custom Instructions: Take advantage of features that allow for the setting of preferences or styles that ChatGPT can remember across sessions. This personalization ensures consistency and efficiency in every interaction.

Tips for Effective Prompt Crafting

  • Be Specific and Detailed: The more specific you are in your prompt, the more tailored and useful ChatGPT’s responses will be. Detail aids in precision.
  • Iterative Interaction: Don’t be afraid to refine your prompts based on ChatGPT’s responses. This iterative interaction helps fine-tune the AI’s output to better match your needs.
  • Goal-Oriented Prompts: Keep your prompts aligned with your business goals. This focus ensures that ChatGPT’s assistance is always contributing towards achieving your objectives.

Research and Tutoring

Now, think about the hours you spend online, digging for information about what’s new in your field or what your competitors are up to. ChatGPT can do that legwork for you. Ask it to summarize the latest news in your industry, and you’ll get the insights you need in no time. This way, you can stay ahead of the curve without sacrificing precious hours you could spend on other tasks.

In the world of business, standing still is falling behind. That’s why learning new things is so important. ChatGPT can be your personal tutor, explaining complex concepts in terms you can grasp quickly. When you have a few minutes to spare, ask it to break down a topic you’ve been curious about. You’ll be sharpening your skills without having to dive into a dense textbook.

Business Content Creation

Whether you’re at a loss for fresh ideas to keep your blog vibrant or you’re seeking a well-defined structure for an upcoming article, ChatGPT has the capabilities to address these needs. By providing it with detailed instructions about your specific niche, target demographics, and the objectives of your content, you can harness its ability to generate a list of innovative topics that not only pique interest but also align with your brand’s messaging and goals.

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Beyond mere topic generation, ChatGPT can lay down a comprehensive outline for your content pieces, organizing thoughts into a coherent structure that ensures your message is conveyed effectively. This outline can include key headings, subheadings, and bullet points detailing critical information, arguments, and conclusions, providing a scaffold that guides your writing process. This preliminary structure helps in crafting content that not only engages readers from the get-go but also maintains their interest, encouraging them to explore your offerings further.

Organize your emails

If your email inbox feels like a beast that’s always hungry, ChatGPT can tame it for you. It can craft responses to the questions that pop up again and again. With a simple prompt, you’ll have replies ready to go, saving you from typing out the same answers over and over. This way, you can focus on emails that need your personal touch.  If you are considering hiring a personal assistant you might be interested in our previous article which provides a list of nine AI tools to help organize your life and improve your productivity.

Utilizing ChatGPT in this way transforms it from a simple tool into a creative partner, one that assists in brainstorming sessions and contributes to strategic content planning. This collaboration allows you to produce content, documents and emails that resonates with your audience, fostering a connection that is both meaningful and lasting. Whether it’s sparking curiosity, providing valuable insights, or inspiring action, the content crafted with ChatGPT’s assistance is designed to elevate your brand’s presence and authority within your niche.


Planning is a critical phase for any business, and leveraging ChatGPT in this process can significantly streamline the formulation of a robust business plan. If you’re in the early stages of conceptualizing a business idea, ChatGPT can serve as a valuable tool in organizing your thoughts and establishing a clear roadmap. By crafting a detailed prompt that encapsulates your business concept, target market, potential challenges, and goals, you can engage ChatGPT to generate a comprehensive blueprint. This blueprint can outline necessary steps, identify potential obstacles, and propose strategies for overcoming them, thereby transforming your idea into a tangible, actionable plan.

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For instance, if your business idea involves launching a new product in the tech industry, your prompt to ChatGPT should include specifics about the product, the intended customer base, the problem it solves, and any research or resources you currently have. ChatGPT can then use this information to draft a plan that covers market analysis, product development, marketing strategies, financial projections, and timelines. This plan doesn’t just serve as a roadmap for you; it can also be a critical document when seeking investments or partnerships, as it demonstrates thorough planning and understanding of your business idea.

Moreover, the iterative nature of interacting with ChatGPT allows you to refine your business plan over time. You can adjust your prompts based on previous outputs to explore different scenarios, delve deeper into specific aspects of your plan, or update the plan with new information. This flexibility and adaptability make ChatGPT an indispensable ally in the planning phase, ensuring that your business foundation is as strong and comprehensive as possible.

Customer Relationships

But why stop there? When you combine ChatGPT with other AI tools, you amplify its power. For example, integrating it with a customer relationship management (CRM) system can make your customer interactions feel more personal. Ask ChatGPT to generate a script for following up with customers, and you’ll have a tool that can make each client feel valued.

By now, you can see how ChatGPT can be a versatile and invaluable member of your team. It can help you speak in your brand’s voice, gather information quickly, create engaging content, manage your emails, learn new things, plan for the future, and work seamlessly with other tools. By incorporating these prompts into your daily routine, you’ll be harnessing the power of AI to make your business more productive. So why not invite ChatGPT to come aboard and set sail toward a more efficient and successful horizon?

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