World’s first single slot low profile Intel ARC A380 GPU


World’s first single slot low profile Intel ARC A380 GPU

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If you’re an avid gamer or enjoy designing and constructing compact PC builds, you might have faced the challenge of finding a powerful graphics card that fits snugly into your setup. The Arc A380 GPU has likely caught your eye, but its standard size doesn’t quite match your single slot specifications. Fear not, as the world of hardware modification offers a solution that allows you to customize the Arc A380 to suit your small form factor PC without losing out on its robust performance.

The key to this transformation lies in the Arc A380’s inherent versatility. Originally a dual slot card, the A380 has been cleverly reworked by hardware enthusiasts into a sleek single slot low profile GPU. This impressive modification involves replacing the original cooler with a slimmer one from an Arc A310 card and attaching an aftermarket heatsink. But this change isn’t just about reducing the card’s size—it’s about enhancing its capabilities.

Cooling is a critical aspect of this modification. The new cooling setup enables the modified A380 to handle higher wattages and maintain faster clock speeds, which are vital for gaming and other intensive applications. A reliable cooling system is indispensable, as it ensures that the GPU can perform at its best without the danger of overheating. The added aftermarket heatsink plays a pivotal role in keeping the temperatures in check, which is essential for a top-notch gaming experience.

Single Gadgets Low Profile ARC A380 GPU

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When it comes to its performance, the modified A380 truly excels. Through benchmarks and gaming tests, it’s clear that this GPU can effortlessly run the latest games, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience. It holds its own against other low profile GPUs, including the Arc A310 and the RTX A2000, making it an attractive choice for those who value compactness without compromising on power.

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Specifications :

  • Memory: The card comes equipped with 6 GB GDDR6 of VRAM, positioning it well for modern gaming and multimedia tasks within its target performance segment. Graphics Memory Interface96 bit – Graphics Memory Bandwidth186 GB/s – Graphics Memory Speed15.5 Gbps.
  • Power Efficiency and Tuning: Initially, the A380’s power boost capability allows it to operate at around 43 watts. With modifications and performance tuning, it has been successfully pushed to approximately 52 watts for higher performance, indicating a flexible power-to-performance ratio that can be adjusted according to cooling capabilities and performance needs.
  • Cooling Solution: The modification involved transferring a cooler from an Arc A310 to the A380, due to the absence of aftermarket low-profile, single-slot coolers for the A380. This makeshift solution required additional aftermarket heatsinks to properly manage heat dissipation, especially for the VRM, showcasing a creative approach to cooling within restricted form factors.
  • Performance: Performance tuning via software allows the GPU clock to reach up to 1,936 MHz, with further potential for higher clocks using custom profiles. The performance benchmarks and gaming tests provided illustrate the GPU’s capability to handle various titles at 1080p, with settings adjusted for optimal performance within its thermal and power constraints.
  • Market Positioning and Pricing: With a retail price around $119, occasionally seen at about $100, the Arc A380 represents an accessible option for budget-conscious gamers and PC builders looking for a balance between cost and performance in a compact form factor. This pricing strategy positions the A380 as a competitive choice within the low to mid-range segment of the GPU market.
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Full specifications are available over on the official Intel website.

The demand for this customized GPU is growing, fueled by the trend towards powerful yet space-saving gaming systems. Moreover, selling the A310 with the A380’s original cooler offers hardware enthusiasts a cost-effective way to enhance their setups.

By transforming the Arc A380 into a single slot low profile GPU, the gaming community has showcased its inventiveness and problem-solving skills. This modification meets the demand for compact gaming PCs while ensuring that performance isn’t left by the wayside. With its impressive performance benchmarks, efficient cooling solution, and smooth handling of the latest games, the modified A380 GPU is set to make a significant impact on the world of compact PC builds.

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