Who Is Rosette Sapienza? Meet Bill Hillgrove Wife: Relationship And Kids


Who Is Rosette Sapienza? Meet Bill Hillgrove Wife: Relationship And Kids

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As the renowned sports commentator Bill Hillgrove departs, the public speculates about whether his wife affected his decision. While the limelight is mostly focused on his professional successes, everyone is aware of his strong relationship with his wife. William Thomas Hillgrove is a sportscaster, radio personality, and sports writer from the United States.

Hillgrove attended Duquesne University and worked as a student sports announcer for basketball games throughout college. Hillgrove started his career as a disc jockey at WKJF before moving to WTAE-TV as the station’s booth announcer in 1968. From 1994 until 2024, Hillgrove was the principal play-by-play announcer for the Pittsburgh Steelers football network. Hillgrove also oversees broadcasting at the University of Pittsburgh, giving commentary for Pitt football games on the sports network.

Who Is Bill Hillgrove’s Wife? Do They Have Kids?

Bill Hillgrove, a notable sports broadcaster, married Rosette Sapienza in 1965. The pair started their joyful married adventure and have been together ever since. Following their marriage, they moved to Wilkinsburg and lived at 706 Wood Street. They eventually settled in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, and started a family there. His wife, Rosette, is a vocal music instructor; they have two children, Leah and Bill, and two grandkids. Despite their father’s famous reputation, the children and their parents choose a low-key lifestyle.

The family also keeps a purposeful distance from social media, making it difficult to learn about them. According to recent rumors, Hillgrove is taking a break from his stellar broadcasting career due to personal issues. Hillgrove says his wife, Rosette, is suffering from depression, so his presence and support are even more important at home. This has compelled his retirement from his long-standing work, ushering in a huge transformation in the family. However, the Hillgrove heritage in sports broadcasting lives on via their grandson, Jack Hillgrove, who follows in his grandfather’s footsteps.

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Jack, a senior at Baldwin High School, is allegedly seeking a career in sports broadcasting. He has also made progress in the field, obtaining a position as a spotter for Pitt’s football radio broadcasts. With Jack, the Hillgrove family continues to make an unmistakable impression in Pittsburgh and beyond. Jack’s commitment to his dream of becoming a sports broadcaster echoes the Hillgrove name’s long-lasting legacy in sports commentary.

How Is Bill Hillgrove’s Retired Life? What’s His Net Worth?

Bill Hillgrove says goodbye to the radio booth after a successful career in sports broadcasting. Despite retiring as a play-by-play announcer, Hillgrove’s voice will live on via his work with Pitt football and basketball. During his almost three-decade career, he has aired four Super Bowl appearances and several memorable games.

As Hillgrove prepares for retirement, he looks forward to engaging in personal activities throughout July and August. He recounts taking boat excursions to Conneaut Lake to enjoy the fall countryside, something he previously couldn’t afford owing to work responsibilities. He also recognizes the chance to be more present for his wife, Rosette, who is now dealing with depression. Furthermore, Bill’s net worth is expected to be $1 million as of March 2024. Hillgrove was the principal play-by-play announcer for the Steelers football network, receiving an average salary of $92,527. The majority of his money came from his successful sports broadcasting job.

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