Where To Get The Eternal Wakestone


Where To Get The Eternal Wakestone

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Whenever the Arisen goes down in DD2, players will need to either load a previous save or use a Wakestone to revive them. Luckily, healing your main Pawn is much easier, with other pawns simply being lost and a new one being recruited.


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While often used on the Arisen, there are other uses for Wakestone in that they can revive dead NPCs. Despite being in a city, NPCs can always fall victim to monsters raiding the city or an unlucky case of Dragonsplague wiping out most of a town.

Where To Find The Eternal Wakestone

There is only one Eternal Wakestone in the game, and it can be found by first finding the Sphinx. The Eternal Wakestone can be found in the chest behind the Sphinx, but players will need the Key Of Sagacity. The Key is dropped by the Sphinx upon killing it, and it’s recommended only to do this after answering all its riddles and getting the various rewards.

One of those rewards is the Unmaking Arrow, which can instantly kill the Sphinx to guarantee the key drops before the Sphinx can fly away. Behind where the Sphinx sat will be a large gold chest that can be opened with the Key, rewarding the players with the Eternal Wakestone.

How To Use The Eternal Wakestone

Dragon's Dogma 2 Dragonsplague shadow creature

Despite what its name implies, The Eternal Wakestone will revive a large number of NPCs in a nearby area, but only once. It’s best to save this item should a Pawn be infected with Dragonsplague and wipe out a town. When selecting to use this item, a menu will then pop up displaying how many NPCs will be revived with the use of the item. While it is a one-time-use item and incredibly rare, it can completely restore a town, giving players access to any lost merchants and quests.

Regular Wakestones are best used to try and revive the Arisen after being defeated in a particularly long or difficult battle. For smaller numbers or singular dead NPCs, regular Wakestones are more than enough to revive them.


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