Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser concept unveiled


Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser concept unveiled

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Toyota has unveiled a new concept car, the Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser, the car was designed to celebrate the 50 anniversary of CALTY Design Research, the American outpost of Toyota’s global design network.

The car certainly looks very interesting from the photo that Toyota released, the carmaker also showed off some of the other concept designs and other designs it has created.

“As we continue our journey from the automotive era into the mobility era, there is one thing I feel I can say for sure,” says Simon Humphries, Toyota Motor Corporation Chief Branding Officer and Head of Design. “CALTY will be there at the forefront.”

As the automotive industry shifts toward an electrified future, CALTY will continue to lead the space with innovative vehicles such as the 2021 Lexus Electrified Sport concept. CALTY’s most recent production designs, the highly anticipated 2024 Land Cruiser and the 2024 Tacoma, showcase their commitment to moving forward and embracing new technology while still remaining authentic to the brand’s heritage DNA.

True to their innovative spirit, CALTY’s creative teams are continually exploring new ways to integrate technology and movement into future mobility solutions. From sports cars to trucks to BEVs, CALTY has left an indelible mark on the automotive landscape, showcasing their design prowess and passion for driving excellence.

You can find out more information about the Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser concept car over at the Toyota website at the link below, it certainly looks interesting from the photo.

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