This summer, U.S. Apple Stores will update iOS on iPhone units inside never-opened boxes


This summer, U.S. Apple Stores will update iOS on iPhone units inside never-opened boxes

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Last October we told you that Apple was working on a system that would allow it to install software updates on multiple iPhone units even when they are powered off, sitting in their retail boxes inside an Apple Store. The technology would allow those purchasing a new iPhone from Apple’s brick-and-mortar storefront to have that device come out of the box running the latest version of iOS without having Apple Store employees spend time manually updating each unit.
Last year, the technology would have been useful since iOS 17.0.1 was released before the iPhone 15 line was available for purchase. To update iPhone units inside never-opened retail boxes, a stack of these iPhone boxes is placed on a proprietary Apple-developed pad and each unit in the stack is wirelessly turned on, receives the iOS update, downloads and installs the update, and shuts down. The packaging is not disturbed and the boxed iPhone units will run the latest version of iOS when booted up for the first time after being purchased. Apple calls this system “Presto.”
According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter, “Presto” employs MagSafe wireless charging and other wireless technologies to help it complete its task. Gurman says that the pad resembles “a metal cubby for shoes.” While “Presto” was tested at certain Apple Stores around the end of last year, Gurman says that Apple will now roll out the technology at Apple Stores across the U.S. in April. The plan is to have “Presto” available in all American Apple Stores this summer.
We still don’t know whether Apple will keep this technology for itself or whether it will allow its carrier partners (such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T) to update their iPhone inventory using “Presto.” We also are in the dark about when Apple plans on allowing overseas Apple Stores to use the in-box updating system.

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