This beautiful Fossil smartwatch with Wear OS is an absolute steal right now


This beautiful Fossil smartwatch with Wear OS is an absolute steal right now

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Are you sad to see Fossil pull away from the global smartwatch market it so enthusiastically joined all those years back? You could still put your money where your… tears are, and honor the fashion industry veteran’s memory by picking up quite possibly its best wearable device ever.

The Wear OS-powered Fossil Gen 6 is currently available for a whopping $190 under its $299 list price on Amazon, which equates to a new record high 63 percent discount. This is a full-blown Apple Watch alternative with a high-quality touchscreen we’re talking about here, mind you, and not some sort of undercooked “hybrid” model.
That means you can essentially do everything you’d be able with the best Samsung Galaxy Watches around, at least from an app and general lifestyle perspective. Google’s Play Store is easily accessible on your wrist, with full and native support for Maps navigation, Assistant interaction, Spotify and YouTube Music streaming, as well as various fitness tracking services.
Of course, the Fossil Gen 6 is by no means the greatest smartwatch in the world in terms of health monitoring, but even in that department, it competently covers all the bases with a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen supervision, sleep tracking, and good old fashioned step counting.

There’s no ECG technology, fall detection, or temperature sensing and the battery life is roughly as poor as on all Wear OS smartwatches available today, but at this lower-than-ever price, the Fossil Gen 6 is worth some attention even just for its beautiful circular 1.28-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 416 x 416 pixels.

Then you have a robust stainless steel case, an undeniably stylish brown leather strap, and three handy buttons on the side of the smartwatch for easier navigation. That makes for a surprisingly premium (albeit a tad chunky) design for the sub-$150 price bracket. That’s a category where you can’t really find many full-fledged smartwatches, and as hesitant as you might feel about buying a soon-to-be-discontinued device, this is clearly much better than the top fitness trackers out there from a hardware perspective.

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