The indestructible Jabra Elite 8 Active are on sale at an unbeatable price for a limited time


The indestructible Jabra Elite 8 Active are on sale at an unbeatable price for a limited time

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Have you ever broken your wireless earbuds by dropping them on a hard surface or subjecting them to harsher weather conditions than they could handle? Something tells us that happens far less frequently than with phones, tablets, or smartwatches, but if you’re worried about that kind of thing anyway, the Jabra Elite 8 Active should alleviate all your concerns.

Marketed as “the world’s toughest earbuds”, these bad boys offer military-grade resistance to everything from water and dust to all sorts of shocks and hard impacts, which… may not make them literally unbreakable but it does bring them as close to that mark as it’s probably physically possible.

Incredibly enough, the Elite 8 Active still tip the scales at 5 grams per bud, which means you may not want to keep them in your ears while swimming for fear of losing them in the water rather than actually damaging them. With active noise cancellation and a bunch of other premium features and capabilities also in tow, Jabra’s rugged AirPods Pro 2 alternative obviously doesn’t come cheap, normally costing $199.99.

But if you hurry, you can have a love-it-or-hate-it “Caramel” version of the Jabra Elite 8 Active for a massive 65 bucks less than that (give or take a few cents). This hot new Woot deal is totally unprecedented, mind you, beating what Amazon is currently offering as a post-Spring Sale discount by a cool $25 or so. 

The catch? In addition to that Caramel paint job, which might not be for everyone, you will also need to be okay with the “open box” condition of these deeply discounted units in order to maximize your savings. 

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That sounds shady, we know, but Woot is a very reliable retailer (owned by Amazon, mind you) and the open box earbuds on sale here for the next few days happen to be backed by a full 1-year manufacturer warranty. If that doesn’t put you at ease, we don’t know what could possibly get the job done.

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