The Greatest Hits Cast & Character Guide


The Greatest Hits Cast & Character Guide

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  • The new Hulu romance movie
    The Greatest Hits
    cast boasts actors with strong resumes.
  • The lead roles of
    The Greatest Hits
    are played by up-and-coming actors from
    The Umbrella Academy
    , and
  • The ensemble cast of the movie also includes Retta and Nelly Furtado.


The Greatest Hits cast is jam-packed with actors with strong resumes. The new Hulu movie was written and directed by Ned Benson, who has a story credit on the 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe outing Black Widow following his feature writing and directing debut with The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby in 2014. The project premiered at SXSW less than a month before a limited theatrical release, which in turn came just a week before it officially premiered on the streaming platform.

The Greatest Hits reviews have been middling, earning the movie a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 46%, meaning that less than half of the reviews were favorable. However, many critics have highlighted the cast as one of the bright spots of the movie. This could potentially be due to the fact that the trio of characters at the core of its story are played by up-and-coming actors with promising careers ahead of them. However, the ensemble cast of the movie is also packed with familiar faces from projects on both the big and small screens.



Lucy Boynton

Harriet Gibbons

Justin H. Min

David Park

David Corenswet

Max Enders


Dr. Evelyn Bartlett

Austin Crute

Morris Martin

Andie Ju

Edie Park

Nelly Furtado


Lucy Boynton As Harriet Gibbons

Date Of Birth: January 17, 1994

Actor: Lucy Boynton, who was born in New York City and raised in London, began to make waves as an actor when starring in mid-2010s independent movies including The Blackcoat’s Daughter and Sing Street. She has since appeared in increasingly prominent roles in both television and movies that have originated both in Hollywood and the United Kingdom. Two of her biggest hits, both of which are Oscar winners, are the 2018 biopic Bohemian Rhapsody and Greta Gerwig’s record-breaking 2023 comedy Barbie.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



Miss Potter (2006)

Young Beatrix

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)


Sing Street (2016)


Gypsy (2017)

Allison Adams

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Countess Elena Adrenyi

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Mary Austin

The Politician (2019-2020)

Astrid Sloan

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (2022)

Frankie Derwent

The Pale Blue Eye (2023)

Lea Marquis

Barbie (2023)

Proust Barbie

Character: Lucy Boynton plays Harriet Gibbons, the lead of the new Hulu romance movie. Harriet is a grief-stricken young woman who is torn between her new boyfriend and the memory of her late boyfriend. This love triangle is complicated by the fact that she discovers that she can use music to transport her back in time and visit her late boyfriend.

Justin H. Min As David Park

Date Of Birth: March 20, 1990

Actor: Justin H. Min was born in Cerritos, California and had his first big break when he landed a role in the Netflix superhero show The Umbrella Academy, which was expanded into a lead role in season 2 after recurring throughout season 1. In the 2020s, the actor has taken on a variety of increasingly large roles in both movies and television. He would later partner with Netflix an additional time by appearing opposite Steven Yeun and Ali Wong in Beef.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:

Character: In The Greatest Hits, Justin H. Min plays David Park. David is a love interest for Harriet who she meets in her grief support group. Their burgeoning romance is threatened by her obsession with using time travel to explore her previous relationship.

David Corenswet As Max Enders

Date Of Birth: July 8, 1993

Actor: David Corenswet was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and had his first major role in the Ryan Murphy Netflix show The Politician, in which he appeared opposite current co-star Lucy Boynton. He has predominately appeared on television in both large and small roles, though his breakthrough into major motion pictures is imminent. After kicking off a more robust big screen career in 2022 by starring in movies including Ti West’s Pearl, Corenswet was cast as the titular superhero in the upcoming Superman, a DC Studios blockbuster from writer-director-producer James Gunn.

, which will be the first installment in the newly rebranded DC Universe, also stars Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane and Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



Moe & Jerryweather (2014-2016)


Elementary (2017)

Houston Spivey

House of Cards (2018)


The Politician (2019-2020)

River Barkley

Hollywood (2020)

Jack Castello

We Own This City (2022)

David McDougall

Pearl (2022)


Character: David Corenswet plays Max Enders in The Greatest Hits. Max is Harriet’s ex-boyfriend who perished in a car accident before the events of the movie. Over the course of the movie, her travels to the time when they were together see her exploring the depths of his character and their relationship.

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The Greatest Hits Supporting Cast & Characters

The Greatest Hits Cast Includes Familiar Faces From Sitcoms And The Music Scene

Retta as Dr. Evelyn Bartlett – Retta, who plays Harriet’s grief counselor, is a comedian and actor known for roles in sitcoms including playing Ruby Hill on Good Girls and Donna Meagle on Parks and Recreation.

Austin Crute as Morris Martin – Austin Crute, who plays Harriet’s friend, has previously held roles in the teen-oriented projects Booksmart and They/Them.

Andie Ju as Edie Park – Andie Ju, who plays David’s sister, played Esther opposite Justin H. Min on Netflix’s Emmy-winning show Beef.

Nelly Furtado as Herself – Nelly Furtado, who plays a fictionalized version of herself, forms an important part of the musical fabric of The Greatest Hits as she herself is a recording artist known for songs including “I’m Like a Bird” and “Say It Right.”

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The Greatest Hits Movie Poster Showing the Cast on the Cover of a Vinyl Record
The Greatest Hits (2024)

Harriet (Lucy Boynton) finds art imitating life when she discovers certain songs can transport her back in time – literally. While she relives the past through romantic memories of her former boyfriend (David Corenswet), her time-traveling collides with a burgeoning new love interest in the present (Justin H. Min). As she takes her journey through the hypnotic connection between music and memory, she wonders – even if she could change the past, should she?q

Ned Benson
Release Date
March 14, 2024
David Corenswet , Lucy Boynton , Retta , Justin H. Min , Rory Keane , Jackson Kelly , Andie Ju , Austin Crute
87 Minutes

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