The complete Apple AirTag guide for 2023


The complete Apple AirTag guide for 2023

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If you are interested in knowing more about Small coin-shaped trackers Created by Apple and launched in April 2021. This quick guide will take you through everything you need to know How do AirTags work?, what they can be used for and how to connect and reset them using your iPhone. Apple designed its trackers to use Bluetooth technology for assistance Locate missing items Such as wallets, keys, bags and other personal belongings.

Simply attach it to your key ring or slip it inside your purse or purse and you’ll be notified if you leave it behind. If you haven’t purchased any yet Apple AirTag It should be noted that you will need an Apple iPhone or other device from Apple to use the trackers and monitor the location of your belongings.

Answer 10 questions about the Apple AirTag


What are Apple AirTags

He also briefly explained Apple AirTags A small circular disc-shaped tracker To help locate lost items and interact with the Apple Find My app on corporate computers such as iPhone, iPad and Mac to help owners keep tabs on and locate their personal belongings. Since the Apple AirTag launched, a variety of different accessories have been designed allowing you to easily attach them to a variety of different things from luggage to pets.

What are AirTags used for

The Apple AirTag can be used for a variety of different applications and allows you to quickly and Easily track the location of personal items directly from your phone. For example, if you put one in your wallet and accidentally left it at a restaurant or place you were attending.

Your iPhone will automatically alert you when your tracker comes within a certain distance from your iPhone. Remind you to come back and pick up your wallet or other personal item like a bag, coat or computer. Precise search feature to see a visual map and arrows to direct you to the item.


How to use AirTags

Once in An Apple AirTag is connected to your Apple IDYou can monitor its location using the Find My app on your iOS devices or Mac, seeing its location in real time. AirTags use the same technology that Apple has built into their devices allowing you to locate them using the same app. This lets you know where your iPad, iPhone, AirPods, or MacBook computer is. Apple AirTag is supported by iPhone and iPod touch models with iOS 14.5 or later and iPads with iPadOS 14.5 or later installed.

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You can even ask Apple’s personal assistant Siri to help you find your lost items by saying, “Hey Siri, find [insert whatever you have lost here]”

Apple AirTag holders


How do AirTags work?

The Apple Find My app can locate an AirTag tracker using a combination of Bluetooth and Apple’s unique U1 chip which are designed in-house by Apple engineers. the U1 adds ultra wideband technology To trackers that enable devices equipped with the technology to gain spatial awareness and track around the world.

iPhone 11 and above support this ultra-broadband technology although it is not available in all countries around the world at this time. AirTags are also water and dust resistant making them ideal for a variety of different applications.

Some international regulatory requirements also require the technology to be disabled in certain locations. the The U1 chip allows iPhones to accurately locate other U1-equipped Apple devices Such as iPad, AirPods, Mac and other Apple devices and uses the same time to randomly acknowledge data on other supported Apple devices as MAC address and randomly assign a Wi-Fi frame sequence number.

AirTags battery life

Apple designed its AirTag to be powered by a standard 3V CR2032 lithium battery, and one battery should be able to power the AirTag for up to 12 months. You cannot recharge the AirTag as you can with other Apple devices.

Once the battery is dead, it can be replaced and purchased from a variety of different online and department stores for just a few dollars. Order a CR2032 coin cell battery and twist the AirTag’s casing counterclockwise to open it when the battery needs replacement.

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What is the scope of the Apple AirTag?

AirTag will be monitored locally using Bluetooth when in range of your devices and then can be monitored worldwide using Ultra broadband technology Apple installed it in it. The AirTag tracker sends a secure Bluetooth signal that can be discovered by nearby devices in the Find My network.

These devices will then transfer the placement of your AirTag to your account securely and anonymously thanks to encryption that Apple included in the process. Only you can see your own AirTags that are connected to your account apple id Even Apple doesn’t know the location of your AirTag or the identity of the device it’s helping to find.

when using Ultra broadband AirTag will use other Apple devices to transmit their location back to you. This process is completely anonymous and encrypted and only you can see your AirTag location at any time.

How much are AirTags

AirTag’s are available for purchase Unique price $29 or in Packs of 4 for $99 Available for purchase directly from the Apple Store online. Apple also offers a free engraving service that allows you to customize each AirTag with an emoji at the time of purchase as shown in the image below.


How to connect AirTags

Once you have purchased your first AirTag, simply hold it near your iPhone or Apple device and it will be recognized. Follow the onscreen instructions and add it to your Apple ID, and then it will be available for tracking using the Find My iOS app.


How to reset AirTags

Because of the privacy and encryption services that Apple provides with its AirTag trackers, they can only be associated with one Apple ID at a time. However, if you want to use an AirTag that someone else is using or switch Apple IDs, this can be done by resetting your AirTag. Simply follow the instructions below.

1. Remove the AirTag cover As if you were going to change the battery by pressing the cover and rotating clockwise.

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2. Remove the AirTag battery And wait a few seconds

3. Replace the battery Press it until you hear a beep. This sound notification confirms that the battery is connected correctly and needs to be repeated more times. Remove the battery again and replace the battery by pressing on it until you hear the audible notification. You’ll know when you’ve done it enough times The fifth sound will be different to the previous four and confirms that the AirTag is now reset.

4. Replace the cap on the AirTag Twist counterclockwise to lock it in position and stops moving.

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Airtag privacy

Since the launch of AirTag, there have been concerns about privacy, unwanted tracking, and location data. Apple has made several tweaks to its operating system to alert a person if someone else’s AirTag finds its way into your belongings and is traveling with or near you.

This will stop any harmful tracking such as tracking devices attached to vehicles or sliding inside bags. You will be notified that someone else’s AirTag is near you. If you haven’t located the third-party tracker after a certain period of time, AirTag will start playing a sound from the built-in speaker to let you know its presence. Also, as mentioned earlier, the communication between your devices and AirTag is fully encrypted to prevent anyone else from accessing your data.


If you need more information about the Apple AirTag and its use with iOS devices or MacBooks, it might be worth going to the official Apple Support site or booking an appointment with an Apple Genius Bar representative.

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