Temple Run: Legends and two more games land on Apple Arcade in August


Temple Run: Legends and two more games land on Apple Arcade in August

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Temple Run: Legends and two more games land on Apple Arcade in August

Those of you who are subscribed to Apple’s marvelous video game service – namely, Apple Arcade – will be delighted to hear that in August 2024, three new games will be at their disposal.

These are:

  • Temple Run: Legends
  • Vampire Survivors+
  • Castle Crumble (that’s an Apple Vision Pro spatial title, so you’ll need the $3499 headset to play it)

On August 1, players are invited back to Aperion in the new Temple Run: Legends, the first level-based runner in the hit franchise. The BAFTA award-winning Vampire Survivors+ also joins in, featuring up to four-player gameplay on the same device.And on August 29, players with Apple Vision Pro can tear down fantastical castles with every swish and flick of their fingers in the spatial version of the highly rated physics-based puzzle game Castle Crumble.

Temple Run: Legends by Imangi Studios

Run, swim, jump, and join a legion of heroes in Temple Run: Legends. Alongside the classic infinite run mode, players can explore ancient Aperion through new gameplay modes, dynamic challenges, and rewards.

The game also features over 500 levels in story mode. Prepare to traverse exciting climates, interact with fascinating inhabitants and creatures, and encounter a unique cast of characters as you conquer your next adventure.

Vampire Survivors+ by Poncle

In the harrowing world of Vampire Survivors+, players must navigate a toxic, devil-infested environment. As night falls, monstrous creatures emerge, challenging players to rely on their fellow survivors to endure. Garlic, a cross, and a magic wand provide some aid, but success ultimately depends on the players’ own skills as they battle these deadly foes on their touchscreens.This multistage game offers a variety of settings, including a multiplayer mode where up to four players can join forces on the same device by connecting game controllers.

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Castle Crumble by Orbital Knight (for Apple Vision Pro)

In this physics-based puzzle game, players embark on an adventure through various kingdoms and unique biomes to destroy enemy castles. The game’s unique controls let players use their hands to precisely target the castles’ weak points with powerful explosives, mystical spells, and mysterious unlockable boosts. Players can watch the castles explode in their living rooms as they strategically dismantle each fortress.

Updates incoming in July!

Throughout July, players can also look forward to fun new updates to hit games!

On July 18, players can unlock a new character in Sonic Racing. The new character is Rockstar Rouge. This update also adds new kart power levels, allowing for players to access more powerful karts as they progress through the game.

Beginning July 25, the Friendship Festival celebrates International Day of Friendship and the one-year anniversary of Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s launch on Apple Arcade. This festival is full of new Sanrio-themed fashions, new group animations, and many pictures for the memories. This update includes an epic music collaboration and the climactic conclusion to the Friendship Island story arc.

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