T-Mobile’s latest changes to Connect plans makes them a lot more appealing


T-Mobile’s latest changes to Connect plans makes them a lot more appealing

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T-Mobile doesn’t seem to be particularly attached to its Connect plans, but that’s understandable considering they were introduced to make regulators happy right before its merger with Sprint.

It’s also the only explanation we can find to the fact that the latest changes to the Connect plans haven’t been trumpeted before or after they were implemented. T-Mobile made a habit of hyping up every new product they launch or deal they offer, but the Connect plans seem to exist in some sort of “twilight zone.”

The changes that we’re talking about are actually positive and involve an increase in data allotments on two Connect plans. The changes were spotted by Coverage Critic and seem to be far superior to what T-Mobile promised when these plans were initially launched.

Starting this month, the $15 plan offers 5GB of data (up from 3.5GB) and the $25 plan offers 6.5GB of data (up from 8GB). As mentioned earlier, these increases are way over the 500MB quota that T-Mobile promised to add to Connect plans every year.

While the addition of more data will certainly make the Connect plans more appealing to customers, they will become even less profitable for T-Mobile. Still, the fact that the carrier offered thrice the amount of data it committed to might be a sign that the Connect plans are here to stay, at least for a while.

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