T-Mobile quietly introduced great new offer that more people should know about


T-Mobile quietly introduced great new offer that more people should know about

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If you have decided to be more in charge of your finances, a prepaid mobile plan might be the way to go. T-Mobile has a generous offer for anyone considering the switch.

Unlike postpaid plans, prepaid plans don’t require you to agree to multi-year contracts or pay for perks you may never use. With postpaid plans, you are billed monthly, so it’s easier to go over your budget. 

Prepaid plans only charge you for the services you use and you pay for them in advance. The plans don’t tie you to a monthly contract. This means you are free to switch carriers whenever you feel like.

T-Mobile‘s prepaid plans come with many of the same benefits postpaid customers enjoy, such as the T-Mobile Tuesdays benefits program, protection against scams, Caller ID, and Wi-Fi calling. 

Get to two prepaid lines with free calls and texts within North America for $75 a month 

Our main source of T-Mobile leaks, The Mobile Report, has learned that the carrier has been running a promotion since 21 March that lets customers activate two lines of Prepaid Unlimited for $75 a month,

That’s a great deal considering one line a month costs $55.

In addition to monthly savings of $35, you get to save another $35, as this deal waives the DCC (Device Connection Charge). The plan will let you call and text friends, family, foes (we hope you don’t have any), and everyone else in the US, Canada, and Mexico for free, while you are physically present in one of those countries.

This is a limited-time deal and T-Mobile hasn’t revealed how long it will last. If you are interested in it, you should activate two lines right away before the deal expires. It’s best to pay your fee virtually if you want to avoid charges associated with offline payments.

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