Superb Amazon deal knocks the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro down to an irresistible price


Superb Amazon deal knocks the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro down to an irresistible price

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Do you remember when the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was available 50%+ off at Amazon? The Spring Sale event was indeed a great time to get this timepiece. What if you missed the chance to get one back then? Amazon’s apparently thought of this, for it gives you another deal that’s almost as good! You can now save 43% on the timepiece, though only on the model in Black.

Evidently, this isn’t the best price ever for this wearable. Even so, it lands the Bluetooth version of the Samsung smartwatch at its lowest price at the time of writing, for no Walmart or Best Buy offers can beat Amazon’s promo. So, if you’re looking for a new smartwatch that goes well with your Android phone, you should check out this one.

Good enough to give some of the best Apple watches a run for their money, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro makes no compromise in any department. Here, Samsung gives you all the must-have sensors and features, plus extras. You get everything from sleep tracking and women’s health insights to exclusive GPS guidance, a BIA sensor for body composition analysis, and more.

Perfect for fans of the outdoor lifestyle, this bad boy doesn’t fall short in terms of build design and quality. It features a titanium body and sapphire glass protection, making it well-suited against daily mishaps.

Granted, it doesn’t have the rotating bezel seen in the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, which makes navigating through the Wear OS a delight. On the bright side, the smartwatch gives you much more battery life than the more contemporary Classic model. This one offers about 40 hours of use between charges, while the Watch 5 Pro easily makes it almost three full days before you need to recharge it.

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Ultimately, this Samsung timepiece may not be the latest or greatest wearable, but its battery life, solid design, and irresistibly affordable price make it a solid choice for Android users. If you agree, head to Amazon and pull the trigger on this 43% discount while it’s still available.

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