Steelseries Alias Pro streaming microphone


Steelseries Alias Pro streaming microphone

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In the ever-evolving world of gaming and streaming, the introduction of SteelSeries’ new gaming and streaming microphones, Alias and Alias Pro, marks a significant milestone. SteelSeries, a renowned name in the gaming peripheral industry, is venturing into a new category with these dedicated microphones, designed to enhance the audio quality for content creators and streamers.

The Alias microphone, the first of the two, is a testament to SteelSeries’ commitment to delivering high-quality audio. It features a 1″ premium capsule, which is three times larger than those found in competitor products. This larger size aims to capture voice with more fidelity, ensuring that every word spoken is clear and crisp.

Steelseries microphone

One of the standout features of the Alias is the integration of Sonar software. This single app controls all aspects of livestream audio production, from mixing and routing sound to personalizing the sound of the mic. It includes ClearCast AI noise cancellation and a 10-band equalizer, allowing users to fine-tune their audio to perfection.

Steelseries Alias microphone

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The Alias is designed for a variety of uses, from streaming and making YouTube videos to recording audiobooks or communicating over Discord. It also features LED level monitoring, providing instant feedback on voice volume, and a shock mount to minimize the sound of desk bumps and other vibrations. These features ensure that the Alias is not just a microphone, but a comprehensive tool for content creators.

SteelSeries is also introducing the Alias Pro, a supercharged version of the Alias. The Alias Pro comes with a pro-grade XLR connection, a feature that sets it apart from its sibling. This XLR cable connection allows for enhanced audio control, making it a suitable choice for professional streamers and content creators.

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Streaming microphone

The Alias Pro also includes a Stream Mixer, a feature that provides customizable controls and LED lights for audio level checking. The Stream Mixer also provides RGB for ambiance, adding a touch of personalization to the streaming setup.

Steelseries streaming microphone

Designed for single or dual PC streaming, the Alias Pro is compatible with other sound equipment like hardware mixers. This compatibility ensures that users can integrate the Alias Pro into their existing setup seamlessly, enhancing their audio without disrupting their workflow.

Both the Alias and Alias Pro are designed to improve the quality of content creation and streaming audio. With these microphones, SteelSeries is not just entering a new product category, but also setting a new standard for gaming and streaming audio. Whether you’re a professional streamer, a content creator, or just someone who values high-quality audio, the Alias and Alias Pro offer features that cater to a wide range of needs.

The introduction of SteelSeries’ new gaming and streaming microphones, Alias and Alias Pro, marks a significant step forward in the gaming and streaming industry. With their advanced features and high-quality audio, these microphones are set to redefine the audio experience for content creators and streamers.

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