Soon, you’ll be able to express your frustrations with Google’s Gboard quicker


Soon, you’ll be able to express your frustrations with Google’s Gboard quicker

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If you’re using Google’s Gboard and you’re facing issues with the way it behaves, you’ll be able to tell Google about your dissatisfaction even quicker in the near future.

9to5Google reports that Gboard now lets you quickly file a “Quality Bug Report”.

This is Gboard’s latest feature and this shortcut should open Google’s standard tool for submitting issues and feedback on Android.

This “Quality Bug Report” is found on the latest Gboard beta version (13.9.13.x) on Pixel devices.

If you don’t participate in the beta program, but you still want to let Google know about an issue (or a suggestion) on Gboard, you have to take the long road. The current bug filing process involves going to Gboard settings, then tapping Help & feedback (at the bottom), then it’s Send feedback.

When this beta feature rolls out to the public, the whole process would be quicker. It should take two taps or as fast as a single press if one drags and puts the “Quality Bug Reports” shortcut in the shortcuts’ toolbar.

The workflow appears to be otherwise identical, though “Quality bug report” is appended to the start of the “describe your issue” field. This should let the Gboard team filter and find feedback filed in this manner.

Prior to that, Gboard recently introduced a handy OCR feature called Scan Text to Gboard. When you use the feature, your camera will open, taking up a bit more than half of your display. A button will appear at the bottom center, along with a tagline that says, “Take a photo of words to scan.”

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Afterward, Gboard highlights all the text it identifies on the page. You can then insert the content captured from the photo into messages, notes, and other places. The feature also provides a quick preview of what it copied beside the insert button.

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