Say goodbye to the Pixel 6a as Google stops selling it in its official store


Say goodbye to the Pixel 6a as Google stops selling it in its official store

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Looks like Google is retiring its Pixel 6a, the more budget-friendly option of the Pixel 6 family, by officially pulling it from its online store. This news comes two years after the device was first announced as the first budget Pixel since the line’s redesign with the now-iconic camera bar.

Spotted by Droid Life, it appears that the listing for the device was quietly removed this week from the Google Store. Additionally, attempting to navigate directly to the page that hosted it would just re-direct to the listing for the Pixel 7a, which is the budget device that launched in May last year. From what we can tell, with the exception of the phone cases, all traces from the Pixel 6a are now gone from Google’s site.

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However, the Pixel 6a‘s disappearance from the Google Store isn’t a total shocker. With Google I/O 2024 right around the corner (May 14th), we’ll likely see a major focus shift toward the upcoming Pixel 8a. The Pixel 6a is still a decent phone, though, and can still be found at other retailers like Amazon and Woot. However, it should be noted that the Pixel 7a offers a clear upgrade in most areas and makes the most sense if you are looking to invest on a budget Pixel device right now.

That said, if you can hold on for a few more months, you should definitely wait until the Pixel 8a is announced as we’re sure that will translate into even more savings for older Pixel devices, including the 7a. What’s more, depending on how the Pixel 8a announcement goes, it might make even more sense to get the brand-new budget model. The 8a is rumored to pack more premium-like features than past devices in the “a” line, but at a slightly higher price.

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