Samsung teams up with University of Michigan


Samsung teams up with University of Michigan

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Samsung has announced a new partnership with the University of Michigan Exercise & Sport Science Initiative on smartwatch technology and they will be looking to help runners manage their physical activity and their health by providing them with accurate data.

Runners experience a range of issues including sweat loss, dehydration, and heat management, this happens more in the summer months, they study is planning to give runners more accurate measurements of their health metrics using smartwatch technology.

Samsung chose the MiPR lab for this study given its established relationships within the wearable tech industry and running community, as well as the unique skill sets of its researchers. Co-PIs Adam Lepley, associate director – research; Alexandra DeJong Lempke, associate director – academics; and Ken Kozloff, co-director of ESSI, bring expertise in sports medicine, running-related injury, and performance, wearable tech, and applied/translational research. The ESSI MiPR lab has collaborated with the University of Michigan Athletic Department, multiple professional sports organizations, and industry leaders to derive meaningful insights from wearable technology that can be applied to sport and exercise.

“Samsung is committed to providing more meaningful health insights via our collaborations with industry leaders and academic institutions,” said Hon Pak, Vice President and Head of the Digital Health Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are excited to partner with the University of Michigan’s Exercise & Sport Science Initiative — expert in the fields of fitness and sports health — in an effort to bring even more meaningful insights to those runners who rely on the Galaxy Watch series for accuracy and personalized motivation.”

You can find out more details about this new partnership with Samsung and the University of Michigan Exercise & Sport Science Initiative over at Samnsung’s website at the link below.

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