Samsung 990 EVO SSD is the cheapest it’s ever been, but not for long


Samsung 990 EVO SSD is the cheapest it’s ever been, but not for long

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Samsung 990 Evo SSD product photo against a white background.

Samsung 990 Evo

“Upgrade to faster sequential read speed up to 5,000MB/s, reaching 43% faster than previous models. It also features 70% enhanced power efficiency.”

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The best time to buy an SSD was probably at some point last year. The dreaded NAND flash inflation has taken hold and leaves no prisoners. Although we’ve yet to see similar reductions in 2024, the second-best time to grab one is now. Samsung’s 990 EVO NVMe drive is cheaper than it’s ever been and there are two models to choose from.

Over on Amazon US, the 2TB Samsung 990 Evo sports a 32% discount, falling to just $141.99. If that’s too rich for your blood, there’s also 28% off a 1TB model, bringing the cost down to $89.98. Unfortunately, this deal is exclusive to North America, as the drives have yet to see their first price cut in Europe.

The discount puts it on par with other PCIe 4.0 x4 drives, but 990 Evo has a secret weapon under its belt: it’s also a PCIe 5.0 x2 device. If you’re wondering what you’d do with a hybrid device, the use is quite niche. We mused at its release earlier this year that it’d come in handy to conserve Gen 5 bandwidth by taking up two fewer lanes. Better yet, it doesn’t come with the need for a dedicated heatsink to keep it cool.

It maintains an upper 5,000MB/s sequential read speed, which is average for PCIe 4.0. Its 4,200MB/s sequential write speed, however, maxes out the generation’s capabilities. Both are ample for the latest games, though.

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