Russian troops hack off Moscow terror suspect’s ear and feed it to him | World News


Russian troops hack off Moscow terror suspect’s ear and feed it to him | World News

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One of the alleged Moscow gunmen has been captured and brutally tortured (Picture: East2West/AP)

Graphic and disturbing footage shows the moment one of the suspected Moscow terrorists is captured and mutilated while ‘fleeing towards the Ukrainian border.’

The footage, which has not been independently verified, shows the suspect pinned to the ground by armed Russian troops who cut off part of his ear with a small knife.‌

They then force the severed ear into his mouth and attempt to make him swallow it.

The alleged terrorist is also struck on the face and later appears heavily bandaged.

The alleged Moscow terror suspect was detained and tortured in western Russia (Picture: east2west / AP)

‌It is unclear who was responsible for the brutality, believed to have taken place in western Russia.‌

But Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a general in the Russian national guard, admitted his forces – known for their brutality – were involved in the detention of the suspected terrorists.

Chechen forced were working with FSB special forces and Russian troops from Leningrad region to track down the shooters, he said.

The detained suspect appears to give his name as Redzhep Alizode, and is believed to be from Tajikistan.

Five gunmen stormed the Crocus music hall in Russia and killed hundreds in a terror attack (Picture: Reuters)

Separate footage showed the moment the gunmen stormed the Crocus Hall venue and started shooting.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on Friday night in a statement posted on social media.

A US intelligence official later confirmed that the group was responsible for the attack.

However, Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine for the ‘bloody, barbaric terrorist act’ which has seen the death toll surge to over 130.

Ukraine has strongly denied the accusations.

Russian politicians today signalled they would return the death penalty for terrorist crimes.

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