Revolutionary open-top self-cleaning cat litter box $469.99


Revolutionary open-top self-cleaning cat litter box $469.99

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Introducing the Neakasa M1, a revolutionary open-top self-cleaning cat litter box that redefines convenience and hygiene for both felines and their human companions. Crafted with a dedication to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners, Neakasa has engineered this cutting-edge product to provide optimal functionality and ease of use.

Original Amazon price : $599.99, with $100 coupon, and an additional $30 off discount: M1NEW30OFF, now just $469.99

Neakasa M1 litter box

Designed with the comfort and natural instincts of cats in mind, the Neakasa M1 features a top-opening design that mimics outdoor elimination, facilitating a smooth transition for cats, even those unfamiliar with self-cleaning litter boxes. This design also ensures easy access for cats to enter and exit the litter box at any time, promoting a sense of security and freedom.

White Neakasa M1 cat litter boxWhite Neakasa M1 cat litter box

The M1’s self-cleaning system employs a Gradual Cleaning Method, ensuring thorough waste removal even with soft or unburied waste. This innovative technology not only eliminates the need for daily maintenance but also smooths out the litter surface for the comfort of your cat, providing a consistently clean and inviting environment.

Jumping out of self-cleaning cat litter boxJumping out of self-cleaning cat litter box

Self-cleaning cat litter box

Neakasa M1 cat litter box featuresNeakasa M1 cat litter box features

Efficient waste management is further enhanced by the M1’s large-capacity trash bin, capable of holding up to 11.23 liters of clumps. This sizable bin extends the interval between emptying, offering up to 14 days of scoopless convenience. The bin’s enlarged entry and automatic closing mechanism prevent litter from adhering to the walls and seal off odors effectively, maintaining a fresh and odor-free atmosphere.

Features :

  • Open Top Safe Design
  • 11.23L Trash Bin
  • 7.17L Large-Volume Litter Box
  • Odor-Free Waste Disposal
  • Super Easy Cleanup
  • App Remote Control
  • Perfect for Most Litter
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cat sleeping in a self-cleaning cat litter boxcat sleeping in a self-cleaning cat litter box

Neakasa M1 cat litter box comparisonNeakasa M1 cat litter box comparison

In addition to its advanced cleaning capabilities, the Neakasa M1 boasts several smart features that streamline pet care. Litter level monitoring ensures timely refills, while multi-cat recognition and toilet data tracking provide valuable insights into your feline friends’ behavior and health. With remote control functionality via a smartphone app, managing the M1’s operation modes is effortless and convenient.

filling a self-cleaning cat litter box with litterfilling a self-cleaning cat litter box with litter

Neakasa M1 cat litter box designNeakasa M1 cat litter box design

In all, the Neakasa M1 stands as a testament to innovation and dedication in the realm of pet care. Its superior design, advanced features, and commitment to convenience make it an indispensable companion for cat owners everywhere. With the offer available on Amazon, now is the perfect time to get the Neakasa M1 at just $469.99, using the discount code M1NEW30OFF for an additional $30 off on top of the coupon. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your cat’s litter box experience.

the components of a Neakasa M1 cat litter boxthe components of a Neakasa M1 cat litter box

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