Revisiting iOS 17 Beta 4: Exploring New Features and Enhancements


Revisiting iOS 17 Beta 4: Exploring New Features and Enhancements

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Last week Apple released iOS 17 beta 4 to developers, they also released iPadOS 17 beta 4, watchOS 10 beta 4, macOS 14 Sonoima beta 4, and tvOS 17 beta 4 at the same time, we are expecting some new public betas soon as well.

We previously saw a video of the new iOS 17 beta 4 in action and now we have another video, this one is from Zollotech and it gives us another look at the latest beta and also reveals some more information on what is coming to the iPhone with this updater.

As we can see from the video there are some great new features coming to the iPhone with the iOS 17 software update, this will include the Live Voicemail feature that will transcribe voicemails in real-time when someone is leaving one for you, this is then shown on your display and you can choose whether or not you would like to answer the call. There are also updates for Widgets which will now be more interactive, plus updates to Apple Health, Maps, Photos, and much more.

The new iOS 17 beta 4 is now available to download, you will need to be a registered developer to try the software out. We are expoecting the final version of iOS 17 in Septembver along with the new iPhone 15 range of smartphones.

Source & Image Credit: Zollotech

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