Report says a “more customizable” Home Screen is coming to iPhone with iOS 18


Report says a “more customizable” Home Screen is coming to iPhone with iOS 18

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We already are expecting big things from iOS 18 since it has already been characterized by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman as the biggest iOS update “since the original iPhone.” Gurman probably is as close to being an Apple insider as anyone who works for a major mass media outlet. We should see Apple’s AI additions help drive the huge changes to its iPhone operating system later this year. Our fingers are crossed, hoping that Siri will be getting a major facelift.
In the latest edition of his weekly Power On newsletter, Gurman might have raised the hopes of iPhone users everywhere by stating that iOS 18 will make the handset’s home screen “more customizable.” Remember when Android users used to brag about the ability they had to add widgets to their home screen? I should know because I was one of them. At the time, iPhone users were extremely limited to what they could do with the iOS Home Screen. But in iOS 14, released in 2020, Apple gave iPhone users the ability to place Android style app widgets on their home screens. 
As someone who has used mostly Android phones over the years, I’d say that Apple has done an outstanding job creating widgets for iPhone users. With 2022’s iOS 16, Apple added the customizable Lock Screen including the ability to add Lock Screen widgets. The customizable features of the iOS Lock Screen include the Wallpaper, the clock (including fonts, and color), Lock Screen widgets, and more.
We should learn all about the new features coming to iOS 18 when the WWDC 2024 Developer Conference is held in June. All eyes will be focused on the Keynote, especially when iOS 18 is introduced. And Gurman’s comments today should have iPhone users looking forward to seeing how much more customizable Apple has made the Home Screen. After the iOS 18 public beta program kicks off in July or August, the final version of the operating system should be released in September around the same time that the iPhone 16 line starts shipping.

Many iPhone users, probably more than usual, will go through the annual debate of deciding whether it is worth the risk of installing a potentially buggy version of iOS just to be the first on the block to enjoy the new features. Remember, beta versions of software are not stable which means that battery life could be greatly reduced and features that you count on daily might not work. And that’s not even considering the boot loops and phone bricking that occur.

So the next step is to wait for WWDC when we will get our first official look at iOS 18; the date of the conference could be released very soon. Check in often.

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