Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer & Everything We Know


Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer & Everything We Know

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Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer & Everything We Know


  • Severance
    season 2 is confirmed despite production delays caused by strikes, and will premiere on Apple TV+ in January 2025.
  • The cast of
    season 2 will feature returning actors Adam Scott and Patricia Arquette, as well as new cast additions including Gwendoline Christie and Alia Shawkat.
  • The story of
    season 2 will continue the rebellion of the innies against Lumon Corporation, exploring the mysteries surrounding the company and its Severance Chips. Helena Eagan may emerge as the main antagonist.

Severance season 2 is on the way to Apple TV+, and despite being delayed, the second outing is taking shape. Created by Dan Erickson and produced by Ben Stiller, the first season of Severance ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, which set up season 2. Severance gradually revealed its dystopian science fiction world, in which the cult-like Lumon Corporation uses a technology called Severance to separate an employee’s memories and personalities into two: an innie for the workplace, and an outie for the outside world, with both having no access to the other’s experiences.

Severance was a breakout success for Apple TV+, thanks in no small part to the intriguing and mysterious premise spawning several Severance fan theories. Severance saw the four severed innies of the Macro-Data Refinement department grow more curious and resentful of the system they are a part of. However, the story’s first chapter was clearly just the beginning, as nothing was close to being resolved where the show left off, meaning anticipation for the delayed Severance season 2 remains incredibly high.

Severance Season 2 Latest News

A Release Date Is Revealed

Custom Image by SR Image Editor

After a long and tumultuous production cycle, the latest news confirms the release date for Severance season 2 through a trailer. Apple TV+ hyped up their workplace dark comedy with a brief trailer that reveals that Severance season 2 returns on January 17, 2025. The trailer doesn’t reveal much else in terms of story, but does offer viewers their first glimpse of Gwendoline Christie’s new character who mysteriously warns the innies that they “should have left.

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Severance Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 Premieres In January 2025

Severance season 2 was delayed by various factors, including the Hollywood strikes of 2023, but Apple TV+ has finally placed the sophomore outing on the schedule. Though it won’t be back before the end of 2024, Severance season 2 will now premiere on January 17, 2025, nearly three years after season 1 concluded in 2022. The 10-episode season will run weekly through March 21.

season 1 concluded on April 8, 2022.

Severance Season 2 Cast

The New & Returning Faces Of Season 2

The cast of Severance season 2 will mostly be made up of returning faces from the first chapter of the quirky Apple TV+ hit. Adam Scott (Step Brothers) will once more lead the cast as Mark, with Patricia Arquette (Medium) returning as Harmony. John Turturro (The Big Lebowski) has confirmed he will return as Irving, and he also confirmed that Christopher Walken (Dune: Part Two) was reprising his role as Burt.

Eight new cast members have also been added for Severance season 2 in undisclosed roles (via Variety). The new Severance cast members in the second season will include Gwendoline Christie (The Sandman), Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Bob Balaban (The French Dispatch), Merrit Wever (Godless), Robby Benson (Beauty and the Beast), Stefano Carannante (Mirabilia), John Noble (The Lord of the Rings), and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (The Tourist).

Provided there are no unexpected exits, the cast will include:


Severance Role

Adam Scott


Adam Scott looking shocked as Mark S in Severance

Patricia Arquette


Harmony looking concerned in Severance.

Britt Lower


Britt Lower As Helly In Severance Season 1 Finale, looking slightly confused

John Turturro


John Turturro as Irving in Severance.

Zach Cherry


Severance season 1 Dylan R in front of a computer played by Zach Cherry

Tramell Tillman


Mr. Milchick holding a bouquet in Severance

Christopher Walken


Burt looking at Irving in Severance.

Dichen Lachmann

Ms. Casey/Gemma

Dichen Lachman as Ms. Casey addressing the Lumon employees in Severance

Jen Tullock


Devon from Severance sitting in the dark.

Michael Chernus


Ricken smiling softly in Severance.

Gwendoline Christie


Gwendoline Christie as Weems smiling in Wednesday

Alia Shawkat


Alia Shawkat as Angela/Emily looking annoyed in The Old Man

Bob Balaban


The Narrator looking up in Moonrise Kingdom

Merrit Wever


Merritt Wever as Dr. Denise on The Walking Dead

Robby Benson


Robby Benson smiles with his arm in a sling in A Feeling of Home

John Noble


John Noble Elementary Fringe

Ólafur Darri Ólafsson


Olafur Darri Olafsson looking concerned in The Meg


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Severance Season 2 Wishlist: 10 Things We Want To See

Severance season 1 was an exciting introduction to what turned out to be a thrilling show. Severance season 2 should build on season 1’s narrative.

Severance Season 2 Story

More Lumon Mysteries Are In Store

Britt Lower as Helly and Adam Scott as Mark looking into the goat department in Severance season 1

Their actions in the world will be hard to undo, and
season 2 is likely to see Lumon trying to respond to MDR’s rebellion without compromising their outies.

There haven’t been any concrete reveals regarding the Severance season 2 story, but the first season left some teases to set it up. The final episode of Severance season 1 sees the innies gain control of themselves outside the office using the Overtime Contingency built into their Lumon Severance Chips. Their actions in the world will be hard to undo, and Severance season 2 is likely to see Lumon trying to respond to MDR’s rebellion without compromising their outies.

There are also several mysteries surrounding Lumon that Severance season 2 could shed more light on. These include what happened to Mark’s wife Gemma, who reappeared in the Lumon workspace as Ms. Casey, and the company’s larger ambitions with the Severance Chips. Severance season 2 could also explore more of its outies’ lives, including the bizarre clues regarding Irving’s outside life. Moreover, in Severance creator Dan Erickson’s Reddit AMA on April 2022, Erickson implied that Helena Eagan would be the villain of Severance season 2.

Severance Season 2 Trailer

Watch The Teaser Below

Custom image of Gwendoline Christie looking angry in front of a shattered blue blackdrop in Severance season 2
Custom image by Yeider Chacon

After a long and tumultuous break, Severance has returned with a trailer that teases the upcoming seasons that is set to premiere in early 2025. The brief teaser doesn’t show much about the sophomore outing, but does feature the first glimpse of Gwendoline Christie’s new character who ominously warns the others that they “should have left.” It’s expected that a full-length trailer for Severance season 2 is coming soon.

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