Rebranding on Twitter to X


Rebranding on Twitter to X

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Elon Musk continues his Twitter changes, the latest of which was announced over the weekend as Twitter’s rebranding to “X” and that will include replacing the iconic Twitter Bird logo with a new X logo.

The image above is apparently a user-submitted X logo that Elon Musk will apparently use and later improve upon, according to The Verge, Elon Musk’s domain is now redirecting to Twitter.

Elon Musk tweeted about the changes coming to Twitter over the weekend and then released the tweet below yesterday showing this new logo design to replace the current Twitter logo.

It’s not yet clear what benefit these changes will bring to Twitter, let’s hope it doesn’t have the same negative impact on the social media platform as some of the other changes Elon Musk has made since buying the company.

It’s not yet clear when these Twitter changes will take effect and it will be interesting to see what effect the new X logo has on the social network’s user numbers, and we wonder if this will make more users migrate to the Instagram Thread.

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