Raspberry Pi Pico WuKong 2040 Breakout Board $10


Raspberry Pi Pico WuKong 2040 Breakout Board $10

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If you are a fan of the Raspberry Pi Pico world, you will be delighted to learn about this WuKong 2040 breakout board. As a multifunctional platform designed to extend the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi Pico, it offers various features that can revolutionize your projects. Below we take a comprehensive look at the unique features and benefits of the WuKong 2040 breakout board.

WuKong 2040 board features

One of the outstanding features of the WuKong 2040 breakout board is its impressive set of built-in features. The board comes with a buzzer, A and B buttons, rainbow lights, a motor interface, and a reset button, among other items. This rich set of components enhances its ability to program I/O and peripheral expansion, making it ideal for those seeking to push the boundaries of their creativity.

Onboard features include:

  • whistle
  • A/B buttons
  • rainbow light
  • Reset button
  • engine interface

WuKong 2040 board features

Uninterrupted power

You’ll be happy to know that WuKong 2040 also has excellent battery life. It supports large capacity 18650 batteries and includes a built-in smart power management chip with handy power indicators. With these features turned on, average usage time can extend to over 120 minutes, allowing learners to focus on their projects without constantly worrying about power limitations.

Another interesting aspect of Wukong 2040 It is its unique structural design. The standard 7″ x 11″ square building block frame base allows for the creation of various shapes and configurations, adding a dash of creativity and flexibility to your projects.

WuKong 2040 board features

Expand the interface

If you’re just entering the world of makers, you’ll appreciate the wealth of learning cases that EF Technology provides to help you get started quickly. These resources can be useful in applying WuKong 2040 to real-world applications.

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WuKong 2040 also simplifies the process of connecting peripherals. It allows expansion of up to 14 general-purpose IO pins and a separate I2C interface output, which greatly facilitates interaction with other devices.

Multiple programming methods

Compatibility can be a major concern for those involved in coding. However, WuKong 2040 is designed to support multiple programming languages. Whether you prefer MicroBlock, Python, C or C++, this breakout board has you covered. This feature ensures that WuKong 2040 will fit seamlessly into any programming environment, expanding its user base.

In short, WuKong 2040 is a comprehensive breakout board that integrates many components, provides exceptional battery life, supports interface expansion, and accommodates multiple programming languages. Its user-friendly design makes it an ideal choice for both novice and seasoned Raspberry Pi Pico users, catering to a wide range of programming and creativity needs. As you delve into the innovative world of Raspberry Pi Pico, this multifunctional breakout board may be the essential tool you need.

Head over to the official Raspberry Pi MagPi Magazine for a full review of the breakout board earning an impressive 9/10 from the Raspberry Pi team.

Source: RPiF: WuKong 2040

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