Quick release connector EDC keychain


Quick release connector EDC keychain

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Anyone wanting to customize their EDC multi-tool keychain load may be interested in this durable, quick-release, quick-release EDC connector constructed from grade 5 titanium. The CNC machined connector provides a sturdy and reliable way to quickly connect and disconnect multi-tools and your favorite tools wherever they are connected. Whether it’s your backpack or keychain.

Early booking pledges are now available for the revolutionary project from around $35 or £30 (according to current exchange rates)is offering a hefty discount of nearly 33% off the shown retail price, while Kickstarter crowdfunding is in progress.

EDC keychain connector specification

The detachable EDC tool is designed to easily detach your home/office/car keys or other EDC tools and allows you to quickly release and access what you need. The quick release design ensures that you always have your EDC tools close at hand while offering the convenience of detaching each other. Comes with 4 keyrings in four sizes (0.47in, 0.63in, 1.1in, 1.26in) to meet your needs.

EDC keychain connector

It has a compact size and is made of GR5 titanium alloy and c28000 brass. The all metal construction is rust and corrosion resistant and provides durability without taking up any extra space. Each side has one detachable carabiner to secure all your EDC tools, such as keys, wallet, flashlight, and knife.Total 4 rings are included in the set to meet your various needs and great for keeping your tools well organized.

If the Quick Release campaign is successful in increasing the required pledge target and the project progresses smoothly, shipping is expected worldwide sometime around November 2023. To learn more about the Quick Release EDC Multi-Tool Keychain Connector project, rate the promotional video below.

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“Just like keys, sometimes you have things on your keychain that you need to detach quickly and easily. This could be your wallet! Wallet holds our credit cards, IDs, cash, or other paper documents. They all matter. Our primary mission is to protect these essential assets from loss. 100% Snap Connector secures your wallet in a whole new way!”

For a complete list of all available special pledges, stretch targets, additional media and technical requirements for your multi-tool EDC connector, go to the Official Release Quick Crowdfunding Campaign page by going to the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

Disclaimer: Participation in Kickstarter campaigns has inherent risks. While many projects successfully achieve their goals, others may fail to deliver due to many challenges. Always do thorough research and be careful when pledging your hard-earned money.

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