‘Queens On The Run’ Movie Review: Story, Cast and More


‘Queens On The Run’ Movie Review: Story, Cast and More

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Are you looking for a good comedy movie to watch? If so, you should check out Queens on the Run-on Netflix. Queens on the Run is a new Netflix original Spanish film directed by Jorge Macaya and written by Martha Higareda. The film’s plot focuses on four lifelong friends who decide to take the road trip they’ve been planning since high school. However, what begins as a straightforward road trip becomes a wild adventure. Keep reading to find out more about the film.

‘Queens On The Run’: Story

‘Queens on the Run,’ aka ‘Fuga de Renias,’ is the narrative of four friends who are either married or seeking love. Despite being married, they are presently unhappy in their unions. Four friends, dissatisfied with their mediocre lifestyles, embark on a road trip to complete a bucket list they created when they were younger.

On their impromptu voyage, they encounter both fascinating and dangerous individuals. They are confronted with the truth they have been avoiding, and by the film’s conclusion, they emerge as better people than before.


Martha Higareda portrays Paty Fenix, the trophy wife of an arrogant and self-absorbed assemblyman, Esteban. Alejandra Ambrosi plays the housewife Marilu Davila, who sacrificed her dreams and aspirations for her spouse and children.

Valeria Vera, who portrays Estrella Solares, is the only unmarried quartet member. She is funky, quirky, and still seeking love. Paola Nunez, who plays Famela Guerra, is a workaholic who disregards her spouse and is desperate to become pregnant. Each character is unique, but when they decide together, it’s as if they share a single consciousness.

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Queens On The Run Overview

Name of the Movie Queens On The Run
Language Spanish
Director Jorge Macaya
Staring Ricardo Muoz Senior and Paola Nunez
Cast Ricardo Muoz Senior, Paola Nunez, Martha Higareda, Claudia Pineda, Valeria Vera, Alejandra Ambrosi
Released Date 14 April 2023
Film Industry Spanish Film industry
Writer Martha Higareda
Genre Action, Comedy
Queens On The Run

Complete Cast List of “Queens On The Run”

  • Paola Nunez as Famela
  • Martha Higareda as Paty
  • Alejandra Ambrosi as Marilú
  • Valeria Vera as Estrella
  • Claudia Pineda as Lola
  • Ricardo Muñoz Senior as Dr. Claudio
  • Mauricio Isaac
  • Arturo Barba
  • Horacio Garcia Rojas
  • Enrique Arreola
  • Seth Allyn Austin
  • Santiago Michel
  • Miri Higareda

Crew List

Montserrat Carbajal executive post-production producer
Alexis Fridman producer
Julio Cesar Hernandez Vieyra line producer
Martha Higareda producer
Miri Higareda producer
Viridiana Torres supervising producer
Héctor Villegas producer


Who is the director of Queens on the Run?

Jorge Macaya was the film’s director.

Who is the writer of “Queens on the Run”?

Martha Higareda wrote the screenplay.

When was “Queens On The Run” released?

Queens On The Run was released on April 14, 2023.

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